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    Italian Ryegrass volunteers

    Planning to drill winter wheat into this ex-Italian ryegrass, really reluctant to plough as the soil looks good however, as you can see, there is a large seed bank waiting to germinate. Is another pass with glyphosate enough to sort the problem? The other option is to wholecrop it but I’d prefer...
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    250cc quads

    Can’t get hold of these anymore due to some emissions regs. Next Honda up is a 420cc 4wd which is less agile, more thirsty and I think more prone to staff getting big/unsafe speeds. We normally replace one of ours every year and now scratching our heads. Mule type things are more money but...
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    DIY concrete grooving

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to hire a machine for concrete grooving? Ideally based in the south west
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    Grass after wheat/cereals

    I’m sure this must have been covered but “grass after wheat” in the forum search removes “after” despite trying to search the phrase with “” What is the best way to avoid cereal volunteers in a new grass/clover ley after cereals are combined. We wanted to direct drill as there is a good cost...
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    Beef AI conception rates

    We normally serve 3-4 weeks of dairy for our spring block then move over to beef AI with fertility plus British Blue from Genus. Calving ease, gestation length and calf value are all good but not really sure if we see much benefit from spending the extra on fert +. Our numbers last year show...
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    Dairy educational resources

    Does anyone have a link to any online educational resources with info about dairy farming and milk production? I’ve been asked by a friend to do a video aimed a catering students at college to give them an idea of where milk comes from but I’m not creatively minded so there must be something out...
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    Medicine cabinet

    Does anyone have a cheap ideas for this? I'm looking online for a lockable cabinet but not keen on spending several hundred pounds on one.
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    Unrolling water pipe

    Does anyone have any tips for unrolling 150m rolls of 50mm water pipe?
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    Agricultural relief on ATA tenancy land

    Does anyone know if land, farmhouse and agricultural buildings let on an ATA tenancy (eg a new FBT) qualify for 100% inheritance tax relief? The HMRC online guidance seems extremely vague on a topic I would have thought should be clear cut and simple.
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    How do people get on growing chicory as a summer crop for milkers? We are currently using a rape and Italian mix direct drilled around magic day which gives some very welcome feed for July/August, its flexible on grazing dates (unlike turnips) and the Italian gives us some good autumn and early...
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    Buy- Urea sulphur blend

    I'm looking for 5 loads of a urea sulphur blend 40N14SO3 or similar delivered to TA4 before March '17
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    Making grass silage work in a dry cow ration

    We have struggled with our transition cows for a couple of years and it makes spring block calving really hard work. We thought we had it covered last year by feeding mostly whole crop through the dry period with a decent dry cow mineral, urea and mag chloride 3 weeks pre-calving. Not too much...
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    Cows per labour unit

    Just looking at some details of the Dairy NZ industry award winners, they are running between 125-220 cows per labour unit mostly just under the 200 mark. Production per cow range of 280-565(!)kgMS. What can we learn from them? We run at about 105 or 125 if you take out a FT tractor driver...
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    Pasteurizing calf milk

    Is anyone successfully pasturizing whole milk on farm to feed to calves? If so, batch or continuous flow and what are the running costs? We would be looking to feed around 2000lts a day at peak in the spring and not keen on a batch pasteurizer due to the running costs.
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    Farm Tractors: John Deere - 6330

    Farm Tractors: John Deere - 6330 Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: John Deere Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: 2010 John Deere 6330 premium 4650 hrs, c/w john deere 633 HSL loader, front linkage, cab suspension, 40K, BKT 520-70-38 and 420-70-24 95%, greenstar ready...
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    Dairy farm irrigation

    Does anyone know why this doesn't happen in the UK as in NZ? Is it lack of cheap water? We are spring block calving on light land in a rain shadow and one of the biggest problems is the drop in grass quality when it stops raining. Grass gets stressed and grows stem and seed heads rather than...
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    Milk Quota

    Does anyone have any views on whether quota will be an issue next year? We currently hold quota for less than half of our production and never thought this would be an issue. But with a high milk price and forward feed prices back to where they should be, is there any chance of a surge in...
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    Stubble cultivator

    Could someone help jog my memory- trying to remember the name of a stubble cultivator/rake originally from USA or Oz. Ground driven, similar to the Aerways machine but smaller tines and mounted at a sharper angle.