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    How to boost direct drilled spring barley

    I’ve got a problem with some spring barley drilled with a 750 into spring wheat stubble on March 30th. The barley has no go in it, it’s all got spindly leaves and no tillers and despite an 85% establishment it still hasn’t covered between the rows after emerging about a month ago. I’m not sure...
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    MF 6265 Sooty air filter

    The engine air intake filter on my 2000 MF6265 is getting sooted up. I’ve replaced the filter for a new one and the same is happening. The exhaust isn’t smoking black and the engine seems to run ok until the other day when the air filter light came on and I had to blow the spot of it. What is...
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    PTO problem on MF 6265

    I’ve had an intermittent fault for some time but it’s getting worse. The problem is on a 2000 MF6265 with regards to engaging the pto. The switch is a fairly big yellow twist handle. Although the switch appears to rotate ok the pto doesn’t engage and start up, but something in the switch works...
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    Dodgy beetle grain rejection

    Just had a load of malting barley rejected for a Cadelle beetle. They’ve sent a supposed image (presumably under microscope) of the said offender. Only one was found and three loads had already gone in from that store. I think it’s all [email protected]@@@it, as I’ve looked up this beetle and it wouldn’t need...
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    Ally max rainfastness

    Got caught out spraying this morning when the rain came an hour early. I was spraying spring wheat with Ally Max SX, hurler (fluroxypyr) and some trace elements. Obviously the Ally was the main product I was worried about. Officially rainfastness is 2 hours. The leaves were dry and the sun was...
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    MCPB on prophet peas

    Is it ok to use MCPB on the spring pea variety prophet and if so does it need 4L/ha? I’ve found the Tropotox label on line but it doesn’t mention prophet peas. I wasn’t aware that some varieties can be more sensitive to MCPB than others but I have some thistle patches to knock back.
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    Centurion max in linseed and peas

    Has centurion max got an eamu for use on spring linseed and peas? if it is ok to use what timing restrictions are there?
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    750a seed pipe boots pulling off

    Since I’ve had my 750a for five years I’ve always had to check the seed pipes every few acres due to them pulling off the steel seed pipe. What happens is the rubber flexible joiner that joins the air pipe to the steel seed boot pipe seems to slip off the steel pipe. Despite the rubber joiner...
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    Cranesbill in winter barley

    I’ve got a problem with large cranesbill in winter barley. The barley was direct drilled into wheat stubble which had received 4L/ha glyphosate a few days prior to drilling. Unfortunately it would appear that large cranesbill won’t die from glyphosate. I’ve now got dinner plate sized cranesbill...
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    750a gauge wheel bearing washer

    Hi. Can anyone tell me if they can buy washers to take up the room in the gauge wheel bearing of the shelf anywhere? I know some on here have had some machined. The washer needs to be 24mm internal, 40mm external and about 2.5mm thick. I can’t find anything from usual suppliers I go to.
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    Linseed flea beetle

    What’s the general consensus? My direct drilled linseed has been in about 14 days and has been coming through the last 4. It’s into wheat trash and only coming in areas where it was drilled into a little moisture at about 18-20mm deep. What it could really do with is 12mm warm rain but it’s not...
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    Delaying autumn drilling problems

    I’m just wondering what the answer is with regard to trying to delay drilling with a 750a on clay for blackgrass purposes. Before I had the 750 I used to have to try to finish drilling wheat with the Claydon drill by 10th October and it was always sticky drilling beans a bit later. To help with...
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    Linseed nitrogen

    My linseed has had 275kgs Double top ( approx 70kgN) at drilling. This was much more than the recommended quantity at that timing but in hindsight I’m glad as the only rain it had since it’s May 7th drilling date was in its first 3 weeks growth. RB 209 suggests it only needs 70-80 kg N but...
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    Scorching spring oats

    Last year I managed to scorch the flag leaf on my canyon oats by presumably spraying Mantra and Corbel on a sunny warm day. This year I’ve managed to scorch leaf 3 by spraying Mantra and Moddus on a dull day. How the hell do you not scorch oats as I want to put something else on the flag next week.
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    Best herbicide for groundsel

    Over the past few years groundsel has taken hold on several of our fields due to use of flunfenacet, dff and pendimethalin products which are weak on it. Now I am finding quite a lot in my spring wheat and spring oats. Not much other blw’s due to low disturbance direct drilling. Anyway what’s...
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    Drills: Weaving - 4000

    Drills: Weaving - 4000 Category: Drills Manufacturer: Weaving Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: 4m wide Weaving piggy back drill. No power Harrow available. It’s an Accord copy with Accord metering. Would fit on a 4m power Harrow with A Fram and through pto. Following...
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    11.2 R32 row crops

    Pair of the above front row crops to fit MF. Open to offers. Suffolk
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    300/95 46 row crops

    Pair of the above row crop wheels. Taurus make. To fit MF. Open to offers. Suffolk
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    14.9R28 front duals

    Pair of front duals 14.9R28 Alliance tyres with spacer and clamps. Open to offers. Suffolk.
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    18.4R38 Duals

    Two sets of 18.4R38 Michelin Agribib duals with spacers but not clamps. Open to offers. Suffolk. Have now found most of the clamps