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  1. czechmate

    Compulsory black box in new french cars

    Well, bloody hell, I’m surprised this one new law on its own didn’t loose Macron the election. What a rubbish time to be a teenager, At 18 I did market Harborough to St Neots one Friday evening in 35 minutes, ni A14 then either, 95 through Kettering last the bus station 👍 Well,... mavbe there is...
  2. czechmate

    Dodgy Boris jailed
  3. czechmate

    County 1474

    I see one just sold at auction, nicely reconditioned.... 200K🤷‍♂️
  4. czechmate

    The french election

    Mrs. Czech was telling me that if in the first round (baring in mind there are 12 candidates) one candidate receives 30% or more of the vote, then there isn’t a second round🤔 I wonder when this last happened. I wonder, if, with the popularity of Macron, it will happen this month?
  5. czechmate


    I haven’t had any interest in buying glyphosate since last September, so I had no actual recent experience. I had read the threads on here with some horror but again I won’t need any until, September again🤷‍♂️ However, yesterday I went into my local suppliers store to collect some fungicide for...
  6. czechmate

    French douane

    So, I arrived at the douane with this, parked the wrong side so even had to lean over the drum to show my passport etc. “Have you bought anything while you were in the UK sir!” “No” “Ok, have a nice day, goodby” Maybe if @bobk didn’t wear his “I hate France” T shirt/attitude, he wouldn’t have...
  7. czechmate

    Another “options on this farm”

    So a short version which I may add too if time. We have our home farm when I am happy at (130 ha) and for 6 years another 120 ha farm 6 km away. The 2 together give us a good living but fir a lot of work. Tbh, for more than half the time I feel the other place is a “thorn in my side”...
  8. czechmate

    Half a cows foot amputated

    Has anyone had this done? A rear foot in this case and outside half. Vet says they do about 4 per yea 🤷‍♂️ she will need knocking out every 3 days to change the dressing for over a month. The bill will be exciting 🤔 Favorite old cow so we wouldn’t be doing it otherwise... current calf 9 months...
  9. czechmate

    Pension stuff...
  10. czechmate

    John Deere 3420 cooling

    I have had my 3420, shutting itself down lately and today got to looking up the error codes. They were about engine coolant temperature. So looking at the actual engine/radiator, the engine was hot but the radiator was cold so obviously not circulating. Does anybody have any tips or is it...
  11. czechmate

    Top con weaving

    My deutz has topcon autosteer which I have used all year without any real problem. Thinking back to early spring, flat rolling seing the diff lock, sometimes the tractor would start weaving. Not really important on that job. Well, now I am drilling, by and large it is fine, but sometimes...
  12. czechmate

    Leaving Britain

    So over the years, something has struck me as odd. Not just on here, an ex pat group as well for example. Now, folk seem to be able to move around without reproach (my wife for example) from those left in the home land, from anywhere in the world; except Britain🤷‍♂️. It seems to be some sort of...
  13. czechmate

    Mainics NHS gigs

    @Danllan, I recall you being a fan. A good idea or not? Brother is always posting up “Wales online”, they seem to have gone down like a lead balloon🤔
  14. czechmate

    A cool poem off Facebook

    I hope it’s ok to post this as I think it’s great, but I can’t make it fit on one picture
  15. czechmate

    Deutz 6140 ttv error

    So, working quite hard pulling a carrier, I’ve just started getting an error “regeneration needed” What on earth does that mean? Is it maybe referring to the operator?🤔 dealer closed for lunch now🤷‍♂️
  16. czechmate

    Manitou 628 letting fuel into oil

    So this ageing manitou had a Perkins engines which fills the sump with (I assume) fuel. I have known a Nuffield do it in the past😂. Is there a most probable fault and if so is it a viable fix? At the moment I just change the oil pretty often🙄
  17. czechmate

    Lexion 430 concave gap - cebis

    On my lexion 430 I am sure the actual concave gap is bigger than is shown on the cebis screen. Can anyone advise how I get them back into sync please? Tia Mark
  18. czechmate

    U.K. Graduation 2021

    I don’t know, for those graduating this summer (my daughter for example), for half their time at university, it’s been somewhat underwhelming (seems a lot of money for a few videos being one quote). With everything else opening up, it just seems a final kick in the balls to not allow graduation...
  19. czechmate

    Fungicide in a bag

    Only curious, I was thinking back and I used to use a fungicide that came in a soluble bag that you just put in the tank, whole. I recon it was Maneb, Zineb and something ... Like furban??? Just out of curiosity can anyone fill any blanks, like it’s name? And ingredients? I think it was mainly...
  20. czechmate

    Fungicide on beans

    So what are folks using now, post ctl?