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    Dexter Cow and calf stolen

    Dexter Cow (Tag No UK 343819 100140) and newborn calf stolen from Keinton Mandeville in Somerset yesterday.
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    Cereals Event - Online tickets

    I've just tried - and failed - to buy tickets online for the Cereals Event. The website requires me to provide a whole list of information about what I do and what I intend to look at whilst at the event - which I suppose is fair enough. It also requires me to provide my date of birth, which I...
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    Shared access

    Can anyone suggest how to manage a shared access to a property that has a chance of working because I'm struggling with a system that doesn't work? I rent a yard and farm building where I keep stock, machinery and fodder. Behind the yard and accessed through it is the village sewage treatment...
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    Beware of No Security Locks advertised as High Security Locks

    Just wanted to warn others not to make the same mistake I did. A shipping container where I store tools has been broken into twice so far this year. After the first break-in, I bought some chunky beam padlocks that are advertised as being the ultimate in High Security. The pins are stamped...
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    Connecting new work lights

    I know its the wrong time of year for this, but I want to upgrade the work lights on my JD 6220. But I'm having difficulty getting to the cable connectors. i don't seem to be able to get at them by taking out the head-lining. Do I have to take the cab roof off? Any help is much appreciated.
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    Dexter Bull for sale

    Red, Non short Pedigree Dexter Bull for sale. Gaveston Erik the Red. 2 1/2 years old. Fully registered with Dexter Cattle Society, Chondro and DNA tested. Nice beefy conformation. Dehorned and quiet to handle and halter trained. £850 07788992508, Warwick
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    bTB study in Cheshire

    Interesting to see that of 48 road killed badgers taken in for testing in Cheshire, 15% of them were positive for bTB. The final percentage may be higher as I understand that some test results have not yet been finalised. But if there is at least 15% infection rate in an Edge area, what is the...