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    Spreading Protected urea before rain

    How much rain to wash in 46% protected urea (wheat) before its too much and maybe washed away?? Forecast is showing 5-10mm per day after tommorow for a few days. Ground quite dry with us, wont mark travelling.
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    Fertiliser spreader tray testing

    Has anyone had a good deal on a kit? They seem an awful lot of money for a few plastic trays and grids ( sure they only cost pence to produce) anyway with the price of fert id quite like a set for next year. 24m but would consider only setting trays from center of the tractor 12m one way if...
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    Puma spotlights

    Got a puma 210 that i have just changed rear top spots to led. Since doing this i have realised i have 6v going to them as soon as sidelights come on as the leds come on half brightness. Im guessing this was a fault before that i didnt notice with the old spots. Not touched any wires other...
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    Wireless camera delay

    Do they all have a delay or was mine just a cheap one that wasn’t very good? use it in the corn drill hopper now so 1 or 2 second delay is fine but want another for the back of a lorry and a slight delay is a pain when reversing tight to buildings etc. If I need to I’ll go wired but it would...
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    Mx110 lift arm issue

    Does anyone know what this fault code means?
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    T7.200 brakes

    What options of disks are there? Have heard of some upgraded disks but not sure if they exist? Thanks
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    Effluent and dirty water storage

    Does anyone know if above ground black plastic tanks can be used for the above? Such as the 20,000 L enduramaxx tanks. They are much cheaper than precast concrete load bearing tanks and the below ground plastic tanks all require concrete backfill. Plenty of fall off the yard due to built up...
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    T7 air brake issue

    T7 is keeping a small amount of pressure in the braking line. Not enough to notice with a load on but heating up the brakes, you can notice it empty on a very gentle slope of you let her roll. Brakes hold on slightly after braking but will fully release if you apply handbrake and then release...
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    Clamping grass and beet.

    Got beet that needs clamping now as the weather gets warm. Clamped it very successfully with soya hulls before. With the price of beef and lamb at the moment tho don't really want to pay for artics of hulls. On silage Monday was planning on layering grass and chopped beet as be buckrake any one...
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    Richard western parts

    Anyone know where I can buy non genuine parts for Richard western trailers? Last time I ordered some bits they took ages. Ordered a spring 10 days ago and dealer has no idea when it will arrive. A spring for a 2012 trailer should be a stock item?
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    Richard western trailer spring pin

    Anyone replaced the pin to stop the axle sliding on a rw single spring. It's off a sf with 10 stud axles. The pin has always gone through the spring in trailers iv done before. This is a little stud that iv been told hammers in but it's loose and will drop out into axle as shown in photo
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    T7 speed pulse from 7 pin socket.

    Does anyone know pin the speed pulse comes from with a t7.200 with radar? Got a stocks seeder that won't pick up and stocks have said it prob needs the wire moving to a different pin as it's using a radar but they didn't know which one. Stocks plug just uses the center pin and pin 1 at the mo
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    Drilling forage rape

    Lots of other people seem to drill OSR with subsoil type legs, mounted a seeder with 8 outlets over 3m on a tuplid vario (Like a sumo trio) to drill forage rape. Is there any need to use the legs or just run with the discs, light land, not made any mess with harvest yet, no excessive compaction...
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    Stocks turbo Jet

    Mounting one on a Tulip Vario ( like a sumo trio) for forage rape and grass seed into stubble. Hasn't arrived yet but making the brackets up now so it can be working soon after it arrives. 3m machine, 6 outlets and block 2 to have more air flow or use all 8 for better coverage? Pipes would...
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    Claas 2200 tripping when it shouldn't

    Done 350ish bales of barley without a problem then it started to trip randomly, maybe every 10 bales. Sometimes seems to trip correctly but then trip again straight away..... managed to catch it as the computer has registered the fault so not damaged any billhooks. Guessing electrics are ok as...
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    Beet clamped with grass

    Got a clamp of fodder beet chopped and clamped with soya hulls 4:1 about 75t left Will be clamping grass in about 3 weeks. Anyone tried mixing layers of chopped beet and hulls with grass? The grass clamp will have fast acting additive and be opened approx first of June when we clamp our main...
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    T6050 elite/plus/delta

    Just trying to get to the bottom of the difference between delta, plus and elite models when looking at used tractors. I believe some have tm back end and some ts? And some have long/Short wheelbase? Done more with case tractors. Thanks
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    Welding boss onto ram

    Any tips welding a boss onto the end of a ram? It's 35.5mm hole boss 90 degree onto 50mm rod. And same on tube end. Chrome will be fine as long as it is covered from any hot bits spitting??
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    D plug wiring

    Always just used positive and negative for a d plug but putting another socket in the cab and wondering what the 3rd wire is for, the tractor is using 3 with the other sockets. Looking at this diagram is it 12v to activate a relay in the control box and some boxes require it?
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    Claas markant 65 value

    What sort of money are these balers making? Got one in the shed that's not been used for a few years I'm going to pull out and clean off and do 100 bales to shine up then sell. It's not mint but always stored under cover, complete except flywheel plastic guard is broken and was working well...