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    Landlines - who still uses them?

    For those blessed with at least 3G With good signal, do you still use your landline? It seems other than the RPA and old dears who have forgotten my parents moved out 10 years ago, the only calls are from optimistic scammers or telesales. The cheapest deal for copper land line seems to be BT...
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    Large scale electrolysis

    Have a client interested in this and starting to hear more about it on the circuit. Has anyone had anything to do with this at a commercial scale? Looks like water and a large amount of cheap electric are needed but what else? How viable might it be?
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    Is anyone else struggling this year to catch them in Larsen traps? Seen quite a few about, normally catch 10-15 on our patch by now and only caught 4 Kids and dog are getting despondent and I’m not far behind. Maybe they are evolving and learning not to go in 🤷‍♂️
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    When does a ditch become a watercourse!?

    Planners are arguing that every ditch is a water course here but don’t seem to make it very clear as to what’s what. When does one become the other and vice versa. I always assumed a ditch carried winter water but was dry in the summer and a watercourse was an all year round course for...
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    Salisbury farmers - know much about West Woodyates Manor / farm?

    Looks like a nice ring fence farm that was sold recently. Does anyone have any info they are happy to share (in private if preferred) of the new owners and what they are like? I’m just doing a little due...
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    PTO or mini mobile stone crushers?

    I’ve often got small piles of rubble to crush, bringing in a big sod is 2k a go after haulage and A days use. Red rhino offer mini ones which I am curious about, has anyone much experience in these or PTO driven units? Quite fancy buying one and selling on in a few years once we are done.
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    Estate & Land Holdings - carpet bombing

    Anyone else had letters? 4 in this week, looks very iffy.
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    Fencing grants in wales

    Can anyone confirm if there are any grants for sheep fencing 60 acres of reasonable grass please? The last lot we did was in Tir Goffal some 20 yrs ago and it’s a bit ropey now TYIA
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    Which generator to buy

    Need to buy a few 3 phase gennies PDQ. probably 25 - 80 KVA range. seems to be lots out there (all in stock which i will check on!) but any recommendations welcome. going to need them for 3-4 months so not worth hiring. obviously need a fuel tank with lots of white in as well...
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    Best trail cam 2022

    Opinions please to catch wildlife, trespassers, cunning offspring etc... Ideally black led so not visible to the naked human eye. I’m aware nothing can hide from a thermal though
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    Roller shutter door controls.

    About to remodel a building to have some decent doors in them. It’s either sliding doors or RSD. Sliding doors are fine but I will be in and out often, they will always be locked to keep prying eyes out, so a lot of faff. RSD’s are great but slow to operate. Can controls be bought that, when...
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    planting over Elec cables - how upset do they get?!

    Signing off wayleaves with requested 3m clear strip above it - they say no planting. in reality, i am sure many do. i would like to plant a screening hedge. cable only serves me and no 3rd parties. How angry do they get if they find out. can it really do much damage with a few hedge roots to...
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    Ants in soil, do i reuse soil elsewhere!?

    Doing a bit of landscaping, over the last 10 years the ants in the lawn have got really bad to the point were we couldn't use it with the kids. ive now dug it all out down 3-400 mm. If i reuse the soil elsewhere will the ants come with it, are there going to be eggs etc? its a huge faff to...
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    Grundfoss Magna 1 or 3 pump?

    a 3 yrs old 65-150 has just packed up - red error (72) the 1's seem to have less frilly bits, do i really need to know the output and temps? the 3 has more gizmos, seems to be £1500 - £1900 so not much in it but i am worried that longer term the same stupid electrics will kill the pump again...
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    Fresh concrete feeezing?

    So contractors are just finishing of laying 60m3 today of outside yard space. It’s due to be -6 tonight, suspect in reality it will be -3 or 4 but even so. They didn’t plan on covering it over but I suspect they now may. If I hadnt have called in and they left it exposed, what’s the worse...
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    What’s the difference between N1 and M1 4x4 usage

    The Vehicle type approval for M1 is for a regular car but N1 is for a van (commercial) Does anyone know if there would be speed limit restrictions or any other issues between them?
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    tarmac prices - whats the goign rate?

    Has anyone had any done recently? I'm out of touch, how does this seem?
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    when is the best time of year to empty STP's?

    Assuming the summer as less lateral forces from the water table at play whilst the tank fills back up with liquid?
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    Auger feeds Into batch boilers

    Has anyone any experience of this? I’m chatting to the guys that now run the well known blue boilers about a mod they have due out soon. Assuming it passes all regs, the theory is a large hopper feeds fuel into the chamber through a new hole in the door. The benefits are more automation and...
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    Recessed man hole covers

    Damed if I can find any small ones. Only for a patio, have several Rodding eyes but smallest I can find is 300x 300 for block paving which aren’t the best or 450 square for the better plastic ones. 15 yrs back I laid a patio and used much smaller plastic ones. I’ve looked on all the...