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  1. Joe Boy

    Direct drilling into AB15

    Has anyone got any experience of this. I’m thinking of replacing my pea break crop with AB15. I’m wondering how good the AB15 is at suppressing black grass given it can’t be grazed and the management restrictions on mowing it. Also wondering how the wheat would do growing out of the decaying...
  2. Joe Boy


    This all self seeded from last years bird food mix, sown spring 19. This pic was 18th May this year. I sprayed the area off in Oct 19 and the plot hasn’t been cultivated for 8 years.
  3. Joe Boy

    Straw Baling

    £5 per bale in the 80’s! Is that right?
  4. Joe Boy

    Straw Baling

    So what price per bale for a 120x90 weighing 450-500kgs.
  5. Joe Boy

    Winter Beans

    That looks impressive going through a lot of crop. Did you manage to run any pressure on the Harrow or will you have to go over it with straw rake or similar to close slot and level the field?
  6. Joe Boy

    Wood chip compost!

    Defiantly take it if you make compost. It's invaluable as most farm waste is too high N to make good compost. The wood chip calms the compost down so you can make better stuff and as you say, you are getting free OM for your soils. You won't lose total N from composting you just lose ready...
  7. Joe Boy

    Fletcher Hybrid winter Barley

    It looked great all year but yield was slightly lower yield than I was hoping for. 60ha has averaged roughly 7.5/tha which is similar to Tower and Glacier. All varieties had same inputs including170kg/ha N. Yield variation field to field was greater than variations between varieties so I...
  8. Joe Boy

    any calphos users out there

    Yes it was P grow. I cant remember the grade exactly, but what I like about these products is that they have already been through a plant and animal once before. This makes them more available than a source of nutrients that has just been mined out of the ground.
  9. Joe Boy

    Moling novice

    If you have a slope all the way to a ditch you can pull them out the ditch. I then get the big plastic tube you get inside silage bale wrap and stick it up the mole end in the ditch. Very pleasing to see the water coming out of them and off the field. Also I figure the winter they stop running...
  10. Joe Boy

    any calphos users out there

    If you can raise the ph the phosphate already in the soil will become more available anyway. Better financial return on sorting the ph out rather than the phosphate I would have though.
  11. Joe Boy

    any calphos users out there

    I thought calcium was responsible for locking up phosphate. I would have though plough in a normal calcium lime or limex then spread phosphate on top. I have had good results from Fibrophos. Lifted a fields from 0 to 2+ in 6 months. I used a high p version and spread some manure as well...
  12. Joe Boy

    To tough to Mole 5 yr dd field

    What angle should the leg be to the beam and what is the easiest way to measure this?
  13. Joe Boy

    Jb Diego or reflection??

    What market does Diego go into that gets this premium? What protein level does it need to justify the premium?
  14. Joe Boy

    Sakura pea vs other marrowfat yield

    It is amazing the variation in yield of Spring crops. Were they grown on free draining soil? Do you use any fertiliser, p k or s on them?
  15. Joe Boy

    Sakura pea vs other marrowfat yield

    Would be nice to get a tonne let alone two! I'm just not sure why Maro which are old and supposedly well behind on yield did so much better that Sakura. I guess maybe they are a bit harder and stood up to the wet soil and lack of sunshine better. A good example of why it's better to grow...
  16. Joe Boy

    Sakura pea vs other marrowfat yield

    I've had my Maro peas, (old variety and prone to going flat) massively out yield my Sakura. I've herd reports from two farms locally that only grow Sakura that yield was terrible, about 0.5 tonne/acre and mine were similar yield but my Maro did 1.2/t. Anyone else had a big disappointment...
  17. Joe Boy

    Perforated twinwall for grain aeration

    Thats an impressive hover. Not sure my Henry would be up to that. Is that 4" pipe?
  18. Joe Boy

    To tough to Mole 5 yr dd field

    I guess you are both right. I did have a contractor do some one once but £30/acre! I since brought my mole plough and weight block for £2.5k for both and have done about 400 acres like this. Tractor on tic over, it costs me very little, I have saved thousands. I really wanted to do another...
  19. Joe Boy

    Silage / Straw / Hay Price Tracker

    Still got some to cut over weekend but will be 750 ish. Bales are 360 kg each. All wheat straw