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  1. dave6470

    Yet another mass shooting in the USA

    They do have background checks to purchase Guns A reporter from one of the big news organisations tryed to buy a gun to show how easy it was he was turned down as he had a conviction for hitting his wife
  2. dave6470

    The NI/ROI Protocol

    Yes it is but accurate
  3. dave6470

    Farming after knee surgery

    both have cattle cereals and potatos though he hasn't worked with the cattle the last 5 years since his hips started giving him bother the only thing he has told me with the knees is after the surgery he found it harder to walk on oneven ground as he found he didn't have the same feeling...
  4. dave6470

    Farming after knee surgery

    Dad had both done 20 years ago when he was 62 still going strong but needs his hips done have to lift him into the tractor on the forklift
  5. dave6470

    Worst courier firm

    Brothers a postman parcels are becoming a larger percentage of his delverys as a side note he has told me he's always getting asked at least 3 or 4 times a week by delivery drivers where such and such address is
  6. dave6470

    The NI/ROI Protocol

    what about all the collusion between the Garda and the IRA The Irish Government still wont have any inquiries into what went on
  7. dave6470

    Another Russian General dead

    Supposedly at least two top Generals where killed by artilary after they where pinponted by geolocking there mobile phones they where useing as the there incriped radios dont work
  8. dave6470

    Voter ID

  9. dave6470

    Voter ID

    Ots nothing like the Democratic party's jim crow laws the states that are doing it will be giving free id to any one who needs one we've had it in Northern Ireland for years to me it is a good thing
  10. dave6470

    The NI/ROI Protocol

    well it is there turn shiners did it the last time we'll hardly notice there not there
  11. dave6470

    Covid Vaccine Roll out.

    i went online on monday booked test kit got ot yesterday booked anther today for brother coming tomorrow
  12. dave6470

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    Think you've got what mean wrong i went into the trial thinking he was gulty the longer it when on you could see he was innocent Kyle was one of the best most believable witness in the hole thing the prosecution witnesses wear a joke when there star witness says kyle on shoots him when...
  13. dave6470

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    Just wandering how many posting have actually watched the trial or are makeing there views on what the media are saying I watched the hole thing and it changed my view on the hole thing the media have been lying the whole time twisting the truth to fit there political bias
  14. dave6470

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    Hr worked in the town and his father lived there he spent the day cleaning up the mess left after the night befores riots i watched the whole trial on YouTube the bigest problem was the prosecution lied and malputated video evidence also the media was caught trying to follow and intimidate the jury
  15. dave6470

    Battery storage for farm use

    Grandfather was doing that in the late 1940s before mains was instaled had the batteries out of german u boat charged from a wind turbine
  16. dave6470

    What can we do if blocked in or out?

    A friend of mine had the same problem he sorted it by plowing the gateside the field next time she parked
  17. dave6470

    The NI/ROI Protocol

    I've one question for are friends in the Eu and in the South if the protocol is not cousing problems then why not move it to the border with the south I'm sure there wood be no one up in arms over it
  18. dave6470

    Chafer Grubs.. crows.. rooks.

    I see Justin from Hay team tv just released vidio on YouTube today he's having the same problem
  19. dave6470

    Southern Ireland has emergency approval for use of diquat to desiccate potatoes

    wonder what will happen if half the field in the south and thr others in the North
  20. dave6470

    Cars overtaking while waiting to turn right

    The local plod was up to there old tricks today seeing how slow they cold drive before someone passed them got down to 33 k before someone did i was 4 behind on tractor at the time