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  1. Tommy

    Case Puma CVX error code?

    Got a cog symbol and 2006 coming up, my googling hasn’t come up with much. Any ideas?..
  2. Tommy

    Mixing sows

    With a change of “system” coming what’s the best way to mix sows? They are currently kept in 4 groups of 10-12 but we are soon going to be keeping them as one big group. Inevitably there will be some fighting to start with, would stresnill work or has anyone here used...
  3. Tommy

    Manitou track rod ends

    A neighbour has asked me where’s the best place to get them from. Not sure of the model number but it has Clark Hurth axles. Looks like or a bit bigger. Any recommendations?
  4. Tommy

    Fastrac suspension

    The fastrac looks to have fallen out with me this week with a few problems all coming at once. We’ll start with the suspension, started here up yesterday and only the left side is correcting the hight of the rear suspension. The right side won’t move unless you get under and pull/push the...
  5. Tommy

    Electronic sow feeders

    Any recommendations or advice on the best/ trouble free sow feeders? We have 50 sows to feed, currently split into four groups. We have Erra feeders atm and find in a group of 10 we get 2 fat sows,6 average and 2 thin sows. I’d like to open the shed up and feed them all through a feeder...
  6. Tommy

    Petrol pressure washer

    Don’t know a lot about petrol ones but we could do with one as electric is poor about our place. Not to expensive but not interested in a Chinese one either. Has anyone any recommendations. Are jet Mac any good? Thanks Tommy
  7. Tommy

    Someone’s trying to get into the iCloud account

    For the past two days I get a message to either my phone or the iPad telling me someone in Newark is trying to access my iCloud account. I press the “don’t allow” and that seems to be the end of it. Has anyone else had this? Should I do more? I have changed the password
  8. Tommy

    MF 6499 running strangely

    Got something playing about with an ‘04 dynashift. After a few hrs of work it will start to drop revs off, not many say 50-100 and in the blink of an eye they are back. It’s as if you’re giving the throttle pedal a slight blip but she’s loosing revs rather than increasing. While it’s doing this...
  9. Tommy

    G M Stevenson

    Anyone had any dealings with them? They have a tractor that fits what I’m looking for but they are a good way from home.
  10. Tommy

    Fastrac gearbox problems

    My 2125 has started to not engage medium or high range, it seems fine with low or reverse. Has been coming on slowly but now getting worse. It put up an error D021 twice but only after a lot of flicking from N to M (I think I might have caused that myself). I know a few of you have put a lot of...
  11. Tommy

    Direct drill

    This is on eBay if anyone’s looking to direct drill grass. I know it’s a good one as I’ve used it myself Here’s a video of it working, we’ve drilled clover, grass and vetches in the times we borrowed it
  12. Tommy

    Bridgestone VF tyres

    Has anyone on here have any experience of these?
  13. Tommy

    Teaser ram timing

    For those who use teasers how long do you have them running with the ewes before putting the Rams in?
  14. Tommy

    FAC air gun license

    Has anyone on here got a fac for an air rifle? Could do with a bit more range than the 12ft/lb can manage. Not convinced I need to go for a rimfire as its always handy to pop crows/pigeons around the yard. If in the future I could then go for a 17hmr for the longer bunnies if I felt the need and...
  15. Tommy

    MF 390T not going into 4WD

    Next doors tractor won't engage 4wd. Am I right in thinking that it needs 12v to fetch it out as I can't get it to show any at the solenoid but I would have thought it should be stuck in if that was the problem??? What can I be missing before I go any further? Cheers Tommy
  16. Tommy

    New mig welder

    It turns out that the portamig welder can't be fixed so I'm on the lookout for a new one. Needs to be about 300 amp single phase on a 32amp plug and also have to put up with life on a farm. Any suggestions welcome, I'll be at Lamma on Wednesday I hope so will have a good look at some there...
  17. Tommy

    OSR straw wanted

    We are looking for osr straw. Within a 100/150 mile radius of Chester. Can collect with artic. Drop me a pm if you have some or know of any Thanks Tommy
  18. Tommy

    Rear disks for Dowdeswell DP120

    I'm looking for a pair of rear disks,hub and arm for a Dowdeswell DP120. I have the bracket that bolts to the beam and need the rest to finish it off. Thanks Tommy
  19. Tommy

    Farming photography's DVDs

    Anyone had the two DVDs from Dave yet? I've ordered both the Year at Flawborough and Articulated Farming and not had them yet.
  20. Tommy

    Ploughing a commercial plot at a match

    I've been talked into ploughing at a local match with the big plough, how do you go about ploughing a plot with 5 furrows? I take it that you would plough back to your own start from your neighbours plot, but how can you get your width right with a fixed plough? Pictures or drawings for a chimp...