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  1. Thomas5060

    Same Virtus 130 help

    Evening folks, mate is just off the phone, his 2019 2000 hour virtus 130 has lost hydraulics, steering is fine and tractor drives, but nothing else works. The arms don’t go up or down and the spools don’t work, doesn’t even try to pump when the levers are pulled. Any ideas?
  2. Thomas5060

    Massey 7718 error codes

    Hi Folks, looking some help for a friend. He has a 2016 7718 Dyna 6. It's started to randomly stop driving, in any gear or range, could be on road at 55k or when lifting with the wagon. When it does it it displays codes 00.46 and 04.00.85. If you stop and restart the codes disappear and she...
  3. Thomas5060

    Helping registering 35x

    Hi Folks, need a little help with my grandas 35x. Came without a tax book, reg number is XAV 842, dvla say that the number is too old for their records. Someone has replaced the serial number plate and it has no serial number now 👎 what's the best way to go about getting a tax book?
  4. Thomas5060

    DMH tractors?

    Has anyone here got experience with DMH tractors in Somerset? Looking to possibly buy a tractor, never ideal to buy unseen but will consider it this time, tractor is an 885XL.
  5. Thomas5060

    Ford 4100 loader

    Hi folks, Wanting to put a front loader on our 4100, plenty of loaders around ro suit 4600 etc, just wondering if it is possible/ practical to covert brackets from a 4600 to a 4100. Has anyone done it before? Or from a 4000 to 3000 etc
  6. Thomas5060

    50-70hp tractors

    Getting a wee bit fed up working at our small tractor for around the yard and light field work, so considering going for a new one. Something 50-70hp, 2 wheel drive, basic. Currently have no cab so not too worried. What models are worth pricing? Has anyone priced something similar lately? I'm...
  7. Thomas5060

    Ford 4100 Steering Box

    Need a new steering box for our Ford 4100, Agriline do one for £145 plus vat and a few company's around us do QTP one for £300 plus vat, is the QTP better quality and worth the extra money?
  8. Thomas5060

    Ford 7600 for sale

    Should be in classifieds but thought it would get more coverage here For Sale 1981 Ford 7600 Power Plus Schindler axle Dual Power 2 spools Horndraulic loader recently fitted Dromone PUH 380/70R24 480/70R34 Not 100% sure on value so open to offers. Tractor is located in Northern Ireland, a few...
  9. Thomas5060

    Grass harrow?

    Has anyone here made a grass harrow? Would love a tine harrow but can't justify the cost of a new one so considered making one. Or has any one else improvised and used something else? Don't need anything massive, more than likely just use it on our Ford 4100
  10. Thomas5060

    Wheel hub question

    Being lazy and asking here before I get the tools out :ROFLMAO: Bit of a f**k up this morning, slack nuts and loaded trailer have resulted in the studs getting f#cked. Can studs be replaced or do I need a new hub? 6 stud ADR axle from a kane tipping trailer.
  11. Thomas5060

    Ford 4100

    Picked up a 7a1 4100 last night. Appears to be mechanically sound and goes well enough, however some tin work needs attention and the front axle needs new bushings and bearings. I think for now I will will emote cab and put round mudguards off to give me a chance to collect the missing bits...
  12. Thomas5060

    NH T6.145 loader

    Hi Folks, strongly considering putting a loader on my T6.145. Question is, will a loader from an older 6 cyl fit? As I understand it the 145 is the same as a 6 cyl with 4cyl engine and a spacer plate to make it the same length. So would brackets off say a T6.155-175 or TS115A-135A fit? T6030?
  13. Thomas5060

    New Holland Mid Mount Joystick

    Just wondering if it would be possible to wire the electric mid mount joystick to control my JF harvester? Think it would be neater and nicer to use than having a control box in the cab. The forward and reverse for the harvester has been made hydraulic so the only electric controls I need are...
  14. Thomas5060

    User experience of these tractors

    Without turning into @Joe S and starting 40 threads about which tractor to buy, I’m looking for user experience (good and bad) on a few different makes and models. I have got a price for an NH T6.125S and MF5713SL. I’m currently waiting on prices for Case Maxxum 115, JD 6120M, Valtra A124 and...
  15. Thomas5060

    New Holland T4B T6. Series

    How are people getting on with the latest models? Specifically the 4cyl, Electro Command models. Probably going to order a T6.125S, just would like some user feedback. And no I don’t want to consider any other brands.
  16. Thomas5060

    New Holland T5 Dynamic Command

    Just came across these, appears to be a T5 AC with the DC gearbox. Personally I like the look of it, just looks like the delta/ low roof versions of the T6000/T6. Models
  17. Thomas5060

    Deutz 150.6 and M620 4wd drive problems

    A friend has asked me to post on here for help with his two deutz, both are having 4wd problems. 150.6- The 4wd is always engaged, the switch turns the light on the dash off and on but that’s it. We are assuming that the solenoid needs power to hold her out of 4wd, so would it be the solenoid...
  18. Thomas5060

    Winter projects?

    Anyone got any good projects started/to start? Been awhile since we have had a good trailer build or a tractor refurbishment. Anybody want to volunteer to post a lot of pics etc to give a buddy something decent to read through on these dark murky nights?:p
  19. Thomas5060

    Fencing suppliers Northern Ireland

    Have a wee bit of fencing to do for EFS (450m) and need to use posts with a minimum 15 year guarantee. Going to price around local suppliers (east Antrim) but just wondering if there are any other ones worth trying? Obviously want the cheapest but don’t want cheap rubbish either.
  20. Thomas5060

    New Holland T5.140 autocommand

    Just seen this on a Facebook page, Seems to be a T5 with a T6 cab, and a 4.5l NEF engine. Edit: This is the top model of the new T5 autocommand range, launching next week at EIMA