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  1. Refco

    Rear drawbar for John Deere CWS combine

    I've just bought a JD CWS combine but has no drawbar. Just seeing if anyone has the proper one to fit before I set to making one. Many thanks.
  2. Refco

    Claas corto saucer wobble

    Ahoy, I have a Claas corto grass cutter, and one of the bottom sliding saucers has a bit of jiggle on it. So, thinking I'll get this nipped in the bud, I've set to in attempt to have a leisurely morning replacing an easy bearing or two.. So, I've got the saucer off, removed the big bolt in the...
  3. Refco

    Deutz fahr dx 85

    Greetings folks, I've just dipped my toe into the world of Deutz Fahr and bought an old dx 85 as a 'fixer upper'.. Mechanically it seems fine: five cylinder engine sounds really nice. Gearbox seems okay. Four gears in three ranges. No dual power, or similar. A top speed of some 25 kph! Range...
  4. Refco

    Centerline 220

    I have a friend with the above guidance system, but it's set up in imperial measurements. He would prefer metric. Does anybody know how to change it? (He doesn't have the book, unfortunately..)
  5. Refco

    New Holland LM 430 Powershift query

    I've just recently purchased a nice 2001 example of a LM430 powershift telehandler. It is fitted with a four speed powershift gear box, of which you tootle up and down the gears by twisting the shuttle lever forwards and backwards. I'm very happy with the machine, but the powershift has an...
  6. Refco

    Combine rape knife

    Matrot side knife. Perfect working order. I have been using it on a nh tf78, so should fit straight on any nh hi-cap header. And with a bit of tinkering, can be fitted to any combine header. I've just bought a new (to me) combine, which came with its own side knife, meaning I don't require this...
  7. Refco

    Lamborghini Formula Powerspeed problem

    I have a silver Lambo Formula with a three stage powershift; snail, tortoise and hare. The other day, after some reasonable work, we found that when we put it in snail (the slowest) the gearbox locks up and the engine will stall if you don't dip the clutch. The other two powershifts work fine...
  8. Refco

    S L H Engine surge

    Right, I have a Lamborghini Formula 135 which I bought last year. Nice clean tractor, but it needed a number of jobs doing to it. Since I bought it, the engine surges at tickover [idle] and slightly above. However, at higher revolutions it doesn't - the rpm remains constant. One of the issues...
  9. Refco

    Spray Water Tank

    I'm in the process of buying my first sprayer and once I get it, I will be looking for a big tank to store the water. Somewhere in the region of 8 to 12 thousand litres should be enough, I would imagine. Static or mobile, I'm open to ideas. Many thanks.
  10. Refco

    Teejet Head Scratcher

    I have a Teejet Centreline 220 which I use for putting fert on grassland. It comes with a plug that fits into the cigar lighter in the tractor cab. Last year everything worked as it should. This year, when I plug the machine in and try to power up, it won't. And it's not just an ill fitting...
  11. Refco

    Amazone Cirrus seed drill

    At the moment I run an old 3m rigid tine Rapid, and I’m looking at getting a newer drill with hyd fan, disc cultivation, 4 metre working width and 3 metre transport width. I have 200hp to pull it with and some steep hills to climb. The default drill is obviously the Rapid. Something like a 400F...
  12. Refco

    Cheaper Generics

    I'm currently receiving serviced agronomy, and it would be fair to say that I'm getting a little bit disillusioned by having big cheques go out and only little cheques come in. So my question is three fold:- a) are generic products definately cheaper, b) can one farm profitably using only...
  13. Refco

    Accord MSC Seed Drill

    I've got my eye on a 4.8m version of the above drill. As I've never seen one in the flesh, nor in action, I was wondering if anybody has one and how they rate it?
  14. Refco

    Gregoire Besson 3.2m Discordon

    Here for sale is my 3.2m Discordon. It has five five pan busting legs with auto reset protection and has had very recent metal put on. It's in very good condition and would go straight to work. I'm selling it for two reasons. One, I just don't think we have the window for min-till up this far...
  15. Refco

    Even germination : does it really matter?

    I was talking to a machinery dealer the other day and he was telling me the pros and cons between two drills that he had in his yard. The drill, for which he is a main dealer for, was obviously the better drill and gave more even germination. That is to say, you go to bed at night with nothing...
  16. Refco

    MF 500 Seed Drill

    4 metre MF 500 disc seed drill - grain only Stood in a friend of mines shed is my old massey drill. I haven't used it for a couple of years since I 'progressed' to a Rapid. The shed front opens onto a field of wheat, so I'll have to wait until the crop is off before I can get the drill out and...
  17. Refco

    Front weight block

    Am looking for a front weight block to go on my front linkage. 1,200 or 1,300 kg.
  18. Refco

    Same Iron

    I'm currently looking at a Same Iron 200 to replace my NH 8770, which i have recently sold. Does anyone have any experience of these tractors, and do they have any inherent problems? It's a 2005 model. Any input would be gratefully received.
  19. Refco

    Teejet Centreline 220

    Howdy folks, I'm looking to dip my toes into the world of GPS and precision... I've narrowed my entry down to the Centreline 220. But before i run out and buy a new one, i was wondering if anyone had a one they wanted to sell, due perhaps to moving up the precision ladder. TIA.
  20. Refco

    deutz tractor

    Am looking for an old deutz tractor to put dual wheels on and go on the rollers (with paddles). Something between approx 120 and 150 hp. Something bordering on classic with a star cab. Must be really clean and original. Don't mind old. Don't mind clunky. Don't mind no aircon. Never had a...