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  1. average farmer

    OSR seeder

    Looking for a seeder unit to fit onto the back of a 5m top down. 8 outlets would be better but anything considered. Don’t really want to spend much on it .
  2. average farmer

    Metcalfe points drilling OSR

    Has anyone used the metcalfe freeflow point for drilling OSR? Thinking of growing a bit this year and wondering what the best way to plant it might be . Want it to be a one pass operation + rolling if possible. Other options would be seeder of the back of the top down or buy something.
  3. average farmer

    John Deere wheel weights

    Taken off of a jd 8520t crawler £30 each pm or call 07980 983620
  4. average farmer

    Combine tyres

    Taken off our c670 combine last summer. One a bit suspect one perfect £350 Close up is the suspect one. had to take both off as we couldn’t get the same size so changed both . Didn’t want any down time in harvest. pm or call 07980 983620
  5. average farmer

    Help with cat teleporter

    Bit of a long shot but has anyone any experience with the load sensing indicator being permanently maxed out. Happened on Friday when starting the machine up to put away.
  6. average farmer

    John Deere ATU steering wheel

    Not bothered if it’s 200 or 300 as long as it’s in good working order. Pm or call 07980 983620
  7. average farmer

    vaderstad depth wheels

    looking for some depth wheels for a vaddy drill, if anyone has any for sale please pm or call 07980 983620
  8. average farmer

    Cover crop into standing wheat

    Thinking of sowing a small area as a trail into standing wheat for the shoot. Mustard will make up a big % of the mix but what else could be added to get a bit of diversity and provide a bit of cover and when would you aim at spreading it on ? Plan to cot the straw long but don’t want to cause...
  9. average farmer

    Feed oats

    25 tonnes, approximately of canyon feed oats 45 ish bushel could deliver on artic 07980 983620 or pm if interested
  10. average farmer

    Stocks seeder boxes

    2 Stocks micro meter boxes wanted to go on the back of a subsoiler. PM or call 07980 983620 Many thanks John
  11. average farmer

    Kids John Deere gator

    Looking for a John Deere kids gator, 4 or 6 wheeler must be in good condition pm or call 07980 983620
  12. average farmer

    Frit fly

    Anyone else suffering with them ? seem to have a bit of a problem on a small area of wheat after spring oats and triticale after wheat all nice land strong land seems fine. Is there anything that can be done ?
  13. average farmer

    Control / tramlime box

    Looking for a control box for a Simba Freeflow/ mini flow Pm or call 07989 983620
  14. average farmer

    Feed oats

    Feed oats for sale £60 per bulk bag Also available in smaller and larger quantities. Weigh bridge near by and have a artic for larger bulk loads Pm or call 07980 983620
  15. average farmer

    Spreader setting for wheat

    Looking for any advice on spreader setting for spreading wheat at 24 metres with a Kuhn S6 disc . many advise welcome
  16. average farmer

    Leaving spring wheat volunteers

    I have about 50 acres with a good stand of Kilburn spring wheat volunteers growing. Plan was to drill with ww but that’s not going to happen now. what’s people’s thoughts on leaving it as a crop ? Would probably graze with sheep in the spring or roll the sh!t out of it
  17. average farmer

    Simba points

    Flow king points, bought as a job lot a while ago , to fit the wider leg , snap very easily if any use to anyone get in touch. Swap for a couple of bottles of red wine 07980 983620
  18. average farmer

    sprayer filters

    I'm having a bit of a nightmare with nozzles blocking up on our sprayer and thinking about putting some top hat style filters in can anyone recommend a type and place to buy them from ? I'm running flat fan blue jets for most of the work if it makes any difference? Many Thanks John
  19. average farmer

    seed drill

    I'm looking for a cheap drill for putting beans in and maybe something I can adapt into a no till drill . Home made pigtail drill would be ideal before I start cutting up our accord drill and 5 m pigtail drag . Not wanting to spend very much but would consider it for the right machine
  20. average farmer

    Strange pigeons

    Anyone else noticing more than usual dead pigeons in the field or around the yard. I’ve seen a few in the fields and the combine driver noticed to.