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  1. Dukes Fit

    Ransomes Nordsten air-o-matic

    Does anyone know where (if) parts are available for these old boom fert spreaders? Metering wheels mainly. Thinking about using our old one for broadcasting cover crops after the combine.
  2. Dukes Fit

    Kverneland /Spalding mouldboard knife

    Bought a half set of mouldboard knives/furrow splitters to try out. Where have people found them most effective In to one of the spare holes or replaced a bolt in the stay? I'm thinking one of the two holes in the middle is the most obvious.
  3. Dukes Fit

    Another (but different) Wellie thread

    So having decided I'm fed up of damp feet (actually now wet as my normal boots have got older) I thought I'd better buy new wellies. Looking on TFF there are many recommendations but not many comparisons. I've not had proper wellies for 10 years so as I do with most serious purchases I scoured...
  4. Dukes Fit

    Massey auto level header

    Header starts rocking side to side as soon as the sensors come in contact with the ground. Potentiometers are both fine and reading perfectly over their full range, autolevel combine calibrates perfectly, header is zeroed at both top and bottom of sensors travel and reading perfectly on the...
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  6. Dukes Fit

    Welding on lower legs

    Just bought some weld on leg lowers and have a question that may sound stupid. On the new leg lowers there are notches that butt up to the upper leg, what is the purpose of these? Is it for weld penetration? Normally I’d weld a Double Vee butt weld for this kind of thing but just wondered if...
  7. Dukes Fit

    Double chop forage harvester

    Anyone know of any double chop harvesters for sale? Not looking for spares/repair or vintage/show examples. Looking for a serviceable, working machine to do a job
  8. Dukes Fit

    Support Request Uploading videos

    I've tried several times in the past to upload videos I've received over WhatsApp and never been successful. Tried again tonight and all I get after attaching the file is the upload progress bar goes to 100% then I get an error message saying "The uploaded file does not have an allowed...
  9. Dukes Fit

    Looking for a 4m DTS

    Can’t seem to find many current adverts for one. What’s out there? Need grain and fert and preferably the extended stagger.
  10. Dukes Fit

    MF 7618 tensioner

    How do you slacken the alternator, a/c, compressor belt tensioner? Haven’t actually had a close look at it so it may be very simple but shredded a belt this evening and as I glanced at it it just looks like a spring on a stick, figured I’d ask before fixing it in the morning.
  11. Dukes Fit

    What’s the difference ....

    Between old sh1te and classic? I ask as I’ve just bought something else and I’m not sure what it is yet :LOL:
  12. Dukes Fit

    Food standards bill

    Saw @nelly55 had posted about the agricultural bill but wondered if anyone had seen this? Could just be sensationalism but .....
  13. Dukes Fit

    Stubble/Straw burning for volunteers/weeds

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this for weed control in front of a Mzuri. Last time I was in Australia in 2017 after coming off a ship, I visited my old boss and spent a couple days driving round fields in a ute with what can only be described as a small flamethrower mounted on the side...
  14. Dukes Fit

    4m Knight triple press

    As thread title. No silly prices please.
  15. Dukes Fit

    What is "heavy" land?

    Quite often read descriptions of ground being described as "heavy" but somebodies idea of heavy ground might be the lightest that another farms. I thought I'd post some pics of our heavy land that I been ploughing the last two days for comparison. The last picture is where the back tyre of the...
  16. Dukes Fit

    Another dealer shake up.
  17. Dukes Fit

    Matching Imperial dual wheels to Metric tractors.

    Some real world advice sought and a lot of strange numbers involved. Tractor is on 650/65R38 rear and 540/65R28 front. Ideally I’d dual up with the same but can’t find any of that size and buying new is eye watering. From some internet searching it appears that a 20.8x38 is equivalent to a...
  18. Dukes Fit

    Comfy boots ...... again.

    Spending all day on my feet is getting sore. A few times after a long day I've woken up the next morning and my feet are tingling and still sore. Definitely no dealer boots so Redbacks etc are out, I already have a pair for normal day to day stuff. Looking for a high leg lace up, ideally with...
  19. Dukes Fit

    International 574 help

    Friend has bought an old 574 for his small holding, just for topping, grading, we'd trailer etc. Wondered if anyone could identify the lift/draft control levers for me as its all been painted over. It's got a single spool valve on the bottom right of the cab next to your right foot then the two...
  20. Dukes Fit

    Power Harrow question

    Looking for a relatively cheap 3m power harrow to rip up and level my driveway as the postie and numerous van drivers have left it looking like the RAF have been conducting bombing raids on it! Question is would a reciprocating harrow do as good a job as a rotary one? They seem to go for a lot...