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    Concrete grooving

    I’m looking for something that I’m not sure exists. I’ve had a friend ring me this morning wants his yard making more grippy first cattle. Because it’s his main yard and for 90% of the time there is no cattle in he does not want grooves. Does anyone know if there’s any other methods going? Like...
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    The end of the road

    As some of you may know nearly two years ago in March 2018 I was a complete plonker and managed to break my back. This has given me no end of problems since, constant pain, sleepless nights, spasms, you get the picture. At Christmas during my two weeks off work the change in my back was...
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    North West Air Ambulance

    Hello all Living on farms in rural areas any accident we have we’re likely to need an air ambulance to get us to A+E so my mothers doing a sky dive to try to raise money for our northwest air ambulance. As you may know I had an accident last month and I myself was airlifted in to A+E and...
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    Roller shutter door advise

    got a grain store to do for a customer and he wants a 17' wide roller door in the front right corner. I never thought much of this until I drew the building to get panel lengths. With a grain store the panel is on the inside of the leg so that means the panel is in the door of that makes sense...
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    Rendering a silage building wall

    Has anyone ever rendered a silage building wall? What did you use? Has it lasted? I've priced to do a job and now I'm questioning my thinking
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    Manus outer parlour feeder

    Has anyone ever had any dealings with manus outer parlour feeders, dads found one on eBay but doesn't want to go to look at it if it's hard to get spares, have serious faults ect
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    Sore knees

    Started with sore knees when I was about 18/19 put it down to growing pains as they stopped for a few years but seem to have been struggling for the last 12 month now Anyone any tips that work?
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    Anyone else get texts of numbers that don't exist?

    Anyone else get texts like this? Top number, second and third. Just a random number with no Message? Any idea how to stop them?
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    Immigration, makes you think

    Saw this video today. A very good completely none racist way of looking at immigration Granted it's about America but I'm pretty sure the same counts over here
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    Motivation, or lack of

    Anyone else really struggling for motivation or is it just me? Never had this problem before but since a few weeks before Christmas I seem to have been struck by a massive case of can't be bloody arsed. Can't decide if it's the dark morning, short days or what it is. Anyone any ideas to...
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    2016 at RWG Contracts

    Did this last year and people have mentioned it to me all year so I've got permission to have a thread this year (y) We've done 12 buildings I think 65'x50 storage shed 60x40 youngstock shed 60x30 sheep shed 100x60 machinery shed 90x45 silo Industrial units 80x40 straw shed...
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    Stepped last bay on building

    We're doing a job for a customer for a grain store, store is 80'x50 with a 30' x 20' extension on the end for the dryer to live in. So the last bay isn't as wide as the rest of the shed and customer can't decide which way he wants to do Option 1 Option 2 I suggested option 1...
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    4x4 Vehicles: Land Rover - Discovery

    4x4 Vehicles: Land Rover - Discovery Category: 4x4 Vehicles Manufacturer: Land Rover Price: £1700 Condition: Used Description: 1997 Landrover discovery MOT till 29/04/2017 131,000 miles Good runner and used daily for grandads 1/4 mile commute to check up on us Any...
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    Slow payment

    Had anyone else noticed that payments have gone seriously slow these last few months? 90% of the time I've never had a problem getting money, there's the people who are known for been slow payer and they l where slow payers but at the moment I'm not getting anything at all in. Near enough...
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    World record biscuit dunk

    Every credit to the man/woman who did the calculations to work out how high to put the cup Could have ended badly :inpain:
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    Well done Makro

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    Cows turning

    Having a discussion on site today and I seem to think that I've heard somewhere cows prefer left hand turns to right, out of parlours ect, is this true of have I made it up?
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    Hudson cattle trailers

    There's a Hudson cow trailer come up for sale near us, you don't see many Hudson cow trailer round us? Are they any good anything to watch out for? @S J H
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    Received this text today. Looks very realistic but it's a scam. Be aware people