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  1. Two Tone

    24 metre Avadex granule applicator wanted.

    Does anybody have or know of anybody who wants to sell a 24 metre Avadex granule applicator. Any make or type considered. There may be some who are switching from 24 metre to 30 or 36 and want to sell their 24 metre machine. This isn’t for me, but my two brothers who are Contractors and have...
  2. Two Tone

    Dai Barling

    I am saddened to hear of the passing of another great RAC stalwart, Dai Barling. Here are a few comments about him that I recently shared with John Wibberley, another RAC great lecturer What an incredible lecturer Dai was. But to steal a saying from an alternative sport to his favourite Rugby...
  3. Two Tone

    Take note NOW about self isolating

    My prospective son-in-law is a Doctor working in a City Hospital. My daughter managed to speak with him this evening for the first time since last weekend. One of the scary things is that it was only just over a week ago that his hospital was so empty that he knocked off early and went to the...
  4. Two Tone

    International 895 Short Engine needed.

    Hi all, Have a good fiend who has an International 895 with serious engine problems. One of the easiest and quickest solutions would be to find a replacement Short engine for it. The rest of the tractor is so smart, you'd be hard pushed to find a better one. He needs the tractor back running...
  5. Two Tone

    Ploughs: Dowdeswell - DP130

    Ploughs: Dowdeswell - DP130 Category: Ploughs Manufacturer: Dowdeswell Price: £3000 Condition: Used Description: SOLD. Doweswell DP130 (with DP140 legs) fully hydraulic vari-width (12 - 20") plough. DD bodies, rear disc, nearly new rear wheel tyre. Good wearing metal work and spares...
  6. Two Tone

    What is wrong with returning to ploughing?

    When we farmed with horses, why did they invent the plough when using a tine would be simpler? Because inverting the soil aided weed control. So as herbicides are becoming less effective, should we not consider going back to the plough? The trouble is, have we done so much damage re Blackgrass...