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  1. Davy

    Dewalt impact parts

    I'm needing a new anvil for my dewalt impact. Tried searching online and all I can find are ones from China that won't post to northern Ireland. Are there any UK companies selling them online that I'm missing?
  2. Davy

    Hydraulic motor query

    The hose in the center of the motor tees into the return hose. My question is, does the motor send a constant pressure out this return pipe or is it there as an overload should the main return stop?
  3. Davy

    Sidewinder joystick

    Do these buttons on the side of the joystick go to a plug anywhere or is there any way to get power from them to operate 3rd service on a loader? It's a 2013 T7
  4. Davy

    Cordless clipper battery

    Where can I source replacement battery's? Can't find anything online. These are off an ergo pro
  5. Davy

    Garden gate coating

    I have made up some gates and railings to close off the garden for the younguns. Whats the best solution to leave a black finish? Hammerite, 2pack primer and topcoat, or get them powder coated?
  6. Davy

    700 front tyre

    Is a 700/50r26.5 as close a match to a 540/65r28 as there is for rolling circumference, or are there other size options?
  7. Davy

    Making shuttering pans

    Has anyone had a go at making your own concrete pans? We've got a few projects in the pipeline and 4 or 6 pans would be useful. We have hired in the past, but it ties you to getting the job done ASAP rather than a more leisurely pace in between other jobs. Used pans seem to be a fair price...
  8. Davy

    New Holland tyre centres

    Are the centres and fitting on the front tyres the same for the 8360, T6080 and T7. 185? The 8360 and 6080 hubs look similar at a glance but I'm not sure about the T7. Thanks
  9. Davy

    Cow brush and tail paint

    Is there a rotating brush that will work alongside tailpaint successfully? The type with the 2 brushes, working vertical and horizontal, could the top brush be removed to only allow the flank to be cleaned?
  10. Davy

    Straw bedder on the wee massey

    Is my MF 135 fit enough for any type of a straw blower? Weight and HP wise. Thinking along the lines of a teagle 4040, to work with round bales of straw. Its the only tractor we have small enough to be nimble around the calf sheds.
  11. Davy

    What to lay patio with

    Have an area to do outside the farmhouse, the options being stamped concrete, or patio paviers. I know the stamped coloured concrete will have less maintenence long term, but does it look as good as paving slabs. I'd be doing it to resemble paving slabs. It's a new build, and I don't really want...
  12. Davy

    Intelliview 2 valves

    Is it possible to move a spool valve to a different position on the joystick in intelliview 2?
  13. Davy

    Clipper blades

    Usually send my clipper blades to the local hardware shop and they get someone to sharpen them, but that isn't happening currently. Is there any way I can do it myself?
  14. Davy

    Bluetooth radio dongle

    Can you recommend me a USB or AUX dongle, whatevers better, to make my stereo Bluetooth, to stream Spotify onto from my phone. I've usb radios in most machines and I'm not going to swap them out for bluetooth headsets. Thanks
  15. Davy

    My big nut..

    On the milk filter for the parlour, there is a 6"nut tightening against the housing. There is play in the threads now, and sometimes it'll leak milk if care isn't taken when tightening. Is there anything can be done with the thread? Something like plumbers tape, but more permanent.
  16. Davy

    Spot sprayer

    Recommendations for a battery sprayer to mount in an old farm pickup. Only for zapping Docks here and there when bringing cows out of a paddock. Or has anyone successfully made something up from a barrel, pump and hose?
  17. Davy

    Glueing glass

    The bottom door glass on my telehandler has peeled off from the metal. I've tubes of gripfill and CT1 here. Will either of them do the job of holding it on or will I need to get that black mastic type stuff it was originally put on with?
  18. Davy

    Sweeper bull

    We have a few limousine bulls for sweeping the cows after we finish with dairy semen. One lad has been here 5 or 6 years and has always been a hard worker. I've noticed him now when he mounts a cow, his rod isnt coming out like it should, sometimes not until he dismounts. He wouldn't be...
  19. Davy

    Redrock paint

    Does anyone know the RAL code for the red redrock paint?
  20. Davy

    Acidifying footbath

    Was told about using sodium bisulphate in a copper sulphate footbath to acidify it, letting you reduce the concentration of copper needed. Can't remember the dosages though. Anyone else do similar and can tell the recipe?