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  1. Refco

    Same Rubin 135

    Did you ever get this tractor sorted?
  2. Refco

    First step in the fight back.

    Can we get a badge?
  3. Refco

    Is it a scam?

    Finally, a tractor dealer selling tractors at the prices they should be at!
  4. Refco

    Vaderstad 8m headland trip in tips I’m missing a bit

    Maybe if you were in low lift, the seed distributor would activate sooner? Just remember always to be moving forwards!
  5. Refco

    Rear drawbar for John Deere CWS combine

    I've just bought a JD CWS combine but has no drawbar. Just seeing if anyone has the proper one to fit before I set to making one. Many thanks.
  6. Refco

    Farm Building Kits

    Don't you mean Castle Barnard?..
  7. Refco

    Claas corto saucer wobble

    Tried the pullers on it today, and it came off without too much issue. New bearings in, bish bash bosh, and we're good to go. Just need someone to turn the rain off again now! Many thanks peoples.
  8. Refco

    Claas corto saucer wobble

    Found this parts diagram on the Claas website. I don't really think it helps me any..
  9. Refco

    Claas corto saucer wobble

    Okay, I'll try some pullers on tomorrow. ?
  10. Refco

    Claas corto saucer wobble

    Ahoy, I have a Claas corto grass cutter, and one of the bottom sliding saucers has a bit of jiggle on it. So, thinking I'll get this nipped in the bud, I've set to in attempt to have a leisurely morning replacing an easy bearing or two.. So, I've got the saucer off, removed the big bolt in the...
  11. Refco

    Getting a little wet

    Ha, yes, I remember Torch. I don't think that one lasted too long on the RL..
  12. Refco

    Half of England owned by less than 1% of pop.

    No, I don't think it would work like that. Secure tenancies have their rent set by the earning capacity of the land, and modern fbt tenancies by the open rental market. Neither of these allow for what you suggest may happen. Just my 2p!
  13. Refco

    Deutz fahr dx 85

    Yes, and no! Not sure if you can see from this photo, but the bit of metal that's cracked off makes the lip for the dust seal on the outside as well as the groove for the piston seal on the inside.
  14. Refco

    Deutz fahr dx 85

    Thanks for that. The left hand door is there, but it's been dunched at some point, so it doesn't close properly and I think the catch might be missing. I know I had to hold to door closed with one hand at the way home last week! The brakes seem reasonably straight forward. Bepco do piston and...
  15. Refco

    Deutz fahr dx 85

    Yes, the tractor does seem well built. Even the steps up into the cab are super solid! The brakes.. I can kind see the attraction in having them exterior for easy access and maintenance, but then because they are exterior they do need regular access and maintenance!
  16. Refco

    Deutz fahr dx 85

    Greetings folks, I've just dipped my toe into the world of Deutz Fahr and bought an old dx 85 as a 'fixer upper'.. Mechanically it seems fine: five cylinder engine sounds really nice. Gearbox seems okay. Four gears in three ranges. No dual power, or similar. A top speed of some 25 kph! Range...
  17. Refco

    Rapid box drill metering not even on base of drill

    Have you tried doing a calibration, but do a few extra turns of the handle and then compare the weights of the left and right trays. It seems an unusual problem, you have.
  18. Refco

    Rapid box drill metering not even on base of drill

    Settings the same? (Flaps and shutters). Rats been munching on the seed rollers?
  19. Refco

    Experiences of pulling 6 m vaddy

    Similar here. Have 160 hp on the front of a 3m rapid box drill, which is more than adequate 95% of the time. Do have some hills where I need to transfer the weight of the press wheels to the three point hitch otherwise the tractor wheels dog holes! How deep you put the discs / paddles makes a...
  20. Refco

    Ensus Closes

    Just sent the first of six wagon loads going there today..