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    I never thought I’d say this. But I’m looking for a huntaway. Could be a x bred but think I’d prefer a pure. I doubt I’m going to find a trained one but a young dog or bitch would probably be better than a puppy, a sapling I could take about straight off learning and already showing an interest...
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    Are references a thing of the past ?

    Just curious really, what got me thinking was a previous employee of mine. People always say good staff in Ag are really hard to find. But rarely do people seem to request references from previous employers when they are looking to take someone on. Why is this? I sacked a lad about 2 years...
  3. CopperBeech

    Docking chute and iron

    Mainly been using the Te Pari version. Has anyone tried any other models ?
  4. CopperBeech

    Crushed stone Whitehaven

    Anyone near Whitehaven in the Lakes want a load of crushed stone ?
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    Terminal female conundrum

    Ok so probably a stupid question..... I keep a flock of terminal ewes to breed rams from, Charmoise as it happens. I keep about 100-120 ewes lamb them outside, treat them hard and produce and sell shearling rams and some ram lambs off farm. Usually aim to sell about 20-25 rams a year...
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    Terminals for shedders

    Sort of been done to death this but here goes ...... If you keep wool shedders of whatever type ..... Do you use a terminal over some / all or breed pure ? If you use a terminal, what breed and why? Would you consider using a shedding terminal? If yes, what traits would be important / key...
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    Sheeted Sussex cattle

    Sorted it for you .....
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    Big un

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    Bulk buying dog food.

    I’m looking to buy a ton of the dog feed I use, which is skinners working 23. Any ideas who would do that ?
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    Hep-p prices

    Just been told it’s going up in a couple of weeks - up by 40% which makes a 500ml bottle about £247 before the vat!
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    New entrants / post entry / building the future of our industry.

    Been having general discussions today with a couple of people about the future of the sheep industry, some very interesting points raised to be fair. Someone pointed out that these days we have probably more young folk wanting to get into sheep farming / shepherding than at any other time (or...
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    Is anyone on here from the county ? Specifically southern / eastern end?
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    As some of you will know, from things I’ve written on previous threads, I am currently going through a bit of a difficult time with regards to ground. We currently farm around 800 exlana ewes and 120 Charmoise ewes. Both closed flocks, lambed outside, forage fed. We produce finished lambs which...
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    Custom truck canopy

    Who is the best person / firm to speak to about building a custom built canopy for the back of my Toyota Hilux?
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    Career change

  16. CopperBeech

    Great article in The Times
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    Moving sheep on a lorry during / post tupping.

    Sure it’s been asked many times, but how long after tups have gone in would you be comfortable putting ewes on a lorry to new keep. Journey would be about an hour maybe.
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    Lamb fattening options

    Been offered more keep and trying to work out what to put where (or what to buy). One block was drilled as turnips but is mostly just leaf, the other is fodder beet, a good crop but a bit weedy so they can’t be arsed to lift it. Would they fatten lambs ? I have grazed plenty of fodder beet with...
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    Cross bred ewe lambs

    70 cross bred ewe lambs, out of the ewes for sale on this page, to a mix of terminal rams. Big ewe lambs 40-55 kilos, all born outside, lambed unassisted, never been fed cake, foot bathed or fussed with. All on hep-p. Will split, £130 but open to sensible offers.
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    Charmoise Rams

    Approx 30 Charmoise rams, mostly shearlings with some older rams available. All grass reared, never been fed, never had their feet touched, all born outside and culled for everything and anything. £300-£500 open to a deal on multiples.