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    Were can I buy this chain from ???

    But no flight attendants 😬 sorry
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    Were can I buy this chain from ???

    It's a bentall Simplex elevator chain, marked S55 seems to be a problem for the local bearing shop maybe I not looking in the right place, hope someone can help 😁
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    H beam/ upright column repair?

    Cut and but
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    Mark Wood Ltd

    Mark Wood, son does the grain handling side, Mark sells the machinery, very nice man to deal with, got a forklift of him last October, as straight as they come.
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    Bateman rb35 re furb

    Those your workshop doors ?? How much are they please ? If you don't mind telling me thanks
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    Do not underestimate people John Deere 215r

    2 years ago last June I went to the USA with a very good friend of mine, a well known parts dealer from Lincolnshire for various reasons, and a bit off a jolly, bearing in mind, I'm just a simple carrot cruncher from Yorkshire, well, lives on the east coast. One of the reasons was to see this...
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    Do not underestimate people John Deere 215r

    Will answer a few questions about the man that's repairing the transmission tonight when I get in so keep the question coming.
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    Do not underestimate people John Deere 215r

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    Reliable Hot pressure washer?

    Just bought one after much thought and talking to other people that's the one to go for my god is it good but needs to be new or very new buy once cry once
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    Our yorkshire farm, problems, problems.

    Just been to see her at the spa Scarborough was very good and down to earth as it should be
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    Combine reliability

    Just put a new lift pump on simple as that,them combines will run for ever
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    Today at work

    Yep she would heat a john deere combine for tea :finger: very good combine for her age, hydro, air con, 17 foot what more would you want.
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    Today at work

    Sand Pit Farm, Muston, Filey, YO14 0EW Saturday 2nd October 2021 SALE TO COMMENCE AT 11AM VIWEING FRIDAY 1ST OCTOBER For further details contact 15 Market Place, Malton, North Yorkshire or visit WWW.CUNDALLS.CO.UK On behalf of J&K Gibson, Muston SALE OF WELL MAINTAINED TRACTORS, COMBINE...
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    Today at work

    Very sad day for me today, very last field of wheat to be combined on this farm having sold the land and not by me, having combined it man and boy so I gave the privilege, to my son so he can tell his kids and hopefully grandkids, that he was the last family member to cut wheat on that land .
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    Changing drum belt Dom 105

    And by the way if you haven't changed this belt before I would phone a friend 😚
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    Changing drum belt Dom 105

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    Changing drum belt Dom 105

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    Changing drum belt Dom 105

    Any good
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    Your current weather.

    27 mm on the coast ie Filey apparently, near by on the wolds 71 mm it seems that the tide held it here for to long 😬
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    You will need a hand to combine all your wheat terracotta 2 will soon be coming out for a play😁😁😁😁