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    Disco 2 injectors

    Looking for a set for discovery 2 .
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    Feeding aa hefers

    I was short of silage on year and I used in a mix 50% wheat straw and 50% silage then added to that wast backed beens the aa hefers were in reply good condition in the spring. It was the straw that kept the beens in them if you just used good silage the beens would just go streight threw them...
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    Fertilizer spreader for amonium sulphate

    What would be the best three point linkage spreader for ammonium sulphate small crystal.
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    Mf 6499

    Hi all what's folks opinions of mf 6499 tr2 .
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    Spraying silicone on crops

    Does adding silicon to your spray Ts help the crop to stand up . Interested to here your views . Thanks
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    Disolved urea

    Dissolving ordinary urea ,say 5 to 7 kg in 200 Lt sprayed with crop spraying nozzles per htr would this burn from now to June possibly 5 times. Information greatley appreciated thanks