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  1. Sa86

    Anyone had anything to do with the chc nx510 autosteer units yet very similar to the fj dynamics

    Another alternative to the fj dynamics looks a handy bit of kit for the money
  2. Sa86

    Simba sl500 or proforge inverter max

    Looking at both these options what's everyone's opinion both got positive and negative sides to them I like the inverter max as it's on 25inch discs but then the Simba has the option to have legs as well will the Simba discs get in when it's hard ect.
  3. Sa86

    Mower bed repair

    So after years of service my front mower has for no reason at all lost drive to the outside disc after removing the bearing turns out it's one of the smaller cogs in-between that's given up question is is it worth stripping the bed down replacing broken or damaged cogs cleaning and putting back...
  4. Sa86

    John Deere 6210r reliability

    In the market for a new tractor what's everyone's experience with the john Deere 6210r vario have they been reliable other alternative I've been looking at is the new Holland t7.270 which is going to be the best long term buy both I'm looking at have around 7000 hours on
  5. Sa86

    Fendt 936 good bad and ugly

    Been looking at a fendt 936 what are your honest opinions on them any good or plagued with problems?
  6. Sa86

    Breaking Claas axion?

    Hi anyone know anybody with a Claas axion that's getting broken for parts looking for a full front axle possibly
  7. Sa86

    New Holland tm lift hight calibration

    Hi does anyone know the procedure to recalibrate the lift hight on a tm please it's lifting to I'd say 96 but saying it's 99 just not enough to unhitch a trailer.
  8. Sa86

    Anyone bought a shed from Davis structures?

    As per title has anyone had anything to do with Davis structures from banbury Oxfordshire he seems reasonable on price but steel seems a little bit on the light side
  9. Sa86

    Spalding's flatlift

    Do spalding's still make a flatlift with 2 rows of discs behind the legs and if not what other manufacturers make something similar must have auto reset legs.
  10. Sa86

    Spearhead hydraulic pump.

    Hi all I have recently bought a spearhead twiga 700t the main hydraulic pump appears to have gone have any of you sent your pump off for reconditioning and if so what sort of pain am I looking at to get it sorted £££ cheers.
  11. Sa86

    Welgar rp435 netting issue?

    Recently bought this rp435 baler so I'm not fully aware of all its habits I'm having a bit of bother with the net starting then getting wrapped around that red roller and not going into the chamber does anyone know why it would be doing this? Any help greatly appreciated
  12. Sa86

    What's been going on with this tyre?

    Bought this tyre from a main dealer as new unused old stock clearly it's not! the one cleat falling off wouldn't worry me too much it's the what looks like repairs on the back of every other cleat does it look like they have all been delaminating and they have tried gluing them back down...
  13. Sa86

    How to get the motor off a sweeper brush

    Hi all got a Sutton sweeper with a blown motor taken the 2 bolts off the motor and it's solid has anyone had the pleasure of trying to get one of these off before I'm assuming it's just rusted into the drive end of the brush or am I missing a bolt or something?
  14. Sa86

    Spools playing up on a tm

    Anybody know how to fix tm Spools? When the oils hot the levers seem to go slack and won't go into dump or pressure away from you.
  15. Sa86

    Fendt vario replacement cost?

    Has anyone on here had to repair or know the cost to supply and fit a vario into a fendt 820 and what sort of hours do they normally give bother at?
  16. Sa86

    Lely welger rp435 any Good?

    Hi all going to be changing my old nh 640 baler for something better and fresher looking at a welger rp435 are they a good baler one thing I'm not so sure about is I don't always want mega dense bales as I sell a lot of straw by the bale not by weight is it possible to turn the pressure down so...
  17. Sa86

    Electric gate farm entrance

    Has anyone on here recently put a electric gate up? if so what company supply the actuators and I'd prefer one with a key pad option as well as a fob what's the best types swing and pulled by actuator or the ones that run on a track? we've never had electric gates fitted before.
  18. Sa86

    New Holland bb940 or Massey Ferguson 185 series 2?

    What's people's thoughts on these 2 balers and what's the difference between them I currently run a bb940 been a good enough baler for me but getting tired now and found a 185 series 2 that looks tempting.
  19. Sa86

    Claas cmatic vario

    Who makes the vario that goes in a claas or cmatic as they call it? Anyone had anything to do with them are they reliable can't say I've heard of any going wrong and is it the same brand in the 800 axion as the 900s?
  20. Sa86

    John deere front linkage fitment.

    Hi just wondering if anyone out there could answer if a zuidberg front linkage from a 6630 would go straight onto a 7530? Cheers