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    John Deere combine back up

    Combine broke a chain and idler last weekend so phoned John Deere dealer on Sun am stores shut but would open up for £50 charge so codged it together till mon .Is this common practice for the middle of harvest? I with am in the middle of arable east anglia whre stuff is running 15 hour days at...
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    Fert and Fire Brigade

    Do I have to tell the fire brigade how much nitrogen I have in store for audit red tractor assurance ? thanks
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    peter crichton 22oct

    Nice low houred case 1594 and ford7710
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    Suffolk ploughing match

    Saw these at Ingham a few weeks ago
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    I understand that the AEA are to roll out the national spreader testing scheme soon and expect that sprayer testers will all also be doing spreaders.From this I assume that the nfu/red tractor organization will be forcing us to have our spreaders tested soon adding further to growers costs?
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    Knight sprayer

    The adjitator nozzles are blocked in the bottom of a Knight sprayer I have recently bought do I have to get in tank to clear them? Thanks
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    suffolk farm wanted

    The Wilsons(britons biggest buy-to let landlords) have reportedly sold half their properties in Kent to the chinese and with the proceeds are looking to buy land in Suffolk.Well they will have to join the queue behind various Sheiks,Russians and Helmut Claas.Come [email protected] stop worrying about...
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    MF 6180 issues

    the arms wont move.The lock light is not on when the ignition is switched on suggesting there is no power there however there is power to the control box under the switches so i guess the computer that controls the arms is at fault can i reset this or is it a dealer job? thanks
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    Brown & co

    Brown & co i Bidder sale now on.Interesting Lely folding combine quite rare now I guess
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    Watched the film All The Year Round last night (,uk).What went wrong with them ?They had good machines for nearly every farm operation.I started with a TS46 then TS59 TS83 finally a TSR108though now have a KV as they had gone when it came time to change. ,