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    Spraying contractors

    Are there any spraying contractors in the Arbroath Scotland area on here?
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    I have seen that. do you have to pay for that above the basis membership?
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    Good Afternoon I have just signed up with basis and I am a bit lost. I am looking to go through the foundation courses first. I work full time so I was wondering how much can be done through online learning? Thanks
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    1934 things to do

    Is this available to buy anywhere?
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    Cover crops/ploughing

    Discussion time....I am a sprayer driver and haven't had much to do with ploughing/cover/direct drilling. However I try to stay up to date. I understand every area. Soil type is different. What I see when watching ploughing is all the birds come down to eat the worms but aren't they good for the...
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    What’s your gym routine?

    I started paying for a gym a few months ago I went three times :X3: I just don't like being looked at. Went back to my regular exercise of long walks
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    Omicron in The UK !

    Maybe if the tests run out or hit supply problems this will magicly go away :unsure:
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    Quitting smoking

    after Christmas day I lasted two days. Now after new year I am on the third day. For a long time I've vaped at home and smoked cigs at work. The issue will be when I go back to work. Just vaping alone I still sometimes need a stick of nicotine gum to take the edge off. Its more of a mental issue...
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    Omicron in The UK !

    Its all gone a bit far now hasn't it? hospital deaths are not going up. I fully agreed with the first lockdown as I believe the original strain was worse. Now it seems the government want to keep control and the snowflakes are winning out.
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Not saying I know all the ins and out but doing a bit of my own research and following the news. The height of natural gas was December 21st at 416. It generally traded at below 50 in the two years before 2021. It has since the start of 2021 steadily rose. This seems to follow what happens with...
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    Hopes & Dreams for 2022?

    I have the beginning's of a list....:ROFLMAO: To keep learning. Trying to get a telehandler and tractor test booked, Going to try and do some basis courses, Make some new friends, Visit some farms maybe try to help out doing different jobs.
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    Ed Sheeran wants to rewild the Country

    A generation of of workshy snowflakes has been bred. I'm 28 and I see it in people I went to school with. Fair enough most went to uni in some shape or fashion but have never learned how to work.
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    fork lift test 5 days !

    At the risk of getting lynched....In every other industry you need training to drive different machines. Why should ag be any different? Just a question.
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    H&S - Absolutely Speechless

    First thing I was ever told when I went near a tractor at a young age was stay the f**k away from the PTO make sure its turned off
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    Red Tractor rotten turkeys

    More paperwork is never the answer. From what I've seen when I worked in warehouses corrective action is always more paperwork which just means more gets forged. Short staffed or lazy staff or no space in storage areas. Yes it likely can be traced all the way back but I would hazard a guess it...
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    Liquid or solid fert spreading

    What's everyone's preference and reasoning for?
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    Thanks for the reply. Is it something that can fit around a full time job well? I have signed up although obviously don't expect any material to arrive until into the new year.
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    Evening all. Hope this is the right place. Looking to better myself this coming year looking into practical and theory courses. Is basis a good thing to do? anyone any experience with it? Not necessarily looking to become a full blown agronomist but like gaining new skills and who knows what...
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    The positive thread

    Nobody had anything positive to say in the last month?
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    what grinds your gears

    The fact I cant even go to the cinema now without vegan advertisement's.