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    Ford 7000 parts

    Hi all Needing some parts for a ford 7000, A nose cone A air filter access cover for nose cone Left hand bonnet as your sat on the seat Thanks Message direct in pm

    Wireless 7" monitor tractor cab

    Wireless 7" HD monitor brand new should be £200 each 2 available £80+vat each plus p+p

    Help! 4x4 conversion ratio head scratcher

    Hi all Right I'm wanting to get a front wheel size roughly pencilled into my notes but I cant figure out the ratios to give me an answer. Tractor has no front wheels (well its a parts bin operation I'm attempting its not built yet still on paper) Tractor in question Mk1 165 Rear wheels tyre...

    Wanted mf 65 mk1 or a mk1 165

    My 10yr old son has his heart set on a mk1 65 or 165 , condition is not important I would prefere one needing alot of work etc Please pm or comment below if you have one that you would sell and to see it have a new lease of life. Many thanks

    Massey ferguson 65 4x4

    Has anyone got a conversion kit laying around ???🤣 I know it's a no but if you don't ask you don't get I've found a 4 wheel traction sandwich transfere box which was a good find Just need a axle and prop and wheels Please pm with any details Or post pics below of any conversions below...

    Jcb teletruk forklift

    Hi thinking I need one as they look handy.... Are they as good as a normal forklift our old forklift is coming to the end of its life, im liking the boom idea just to give a bit more reach Anyone running one here Are they reliable or throw in out of the blue faults... Any info kindly...

    Rest-o-ride seat

    Any of you folks know what cushions were used I'm struggling to find any reference pictures The standard bucket seat cushions will fit but I'm not convinced they are correct.... Thank you

    Insurance cost

    Not sure this is the correct section Business Insurance cost Customers vehicles covered Fire theft Road test Tools Stock Public liability Any company that you use that I should know about Had a few quotes, I thought with Xmas partys not going ahead the premiums would be cheaper 🤣 but...

    Wireless remote controlled led beacons

    I've bought a few of these, a handy thing and very universal Really bright too run time is 6h charge time 4h I cant upload the video of it working

    Fuel pipe making kit thingy

    Hi all we used to be able to buy a selection fuel pipe fitting male, female, banjos etc and the ferrules with the crimper tool that bolts together Anyway the tool broke and I've chucked it (thinking I'll easily buy another) and the selection box of fittings is getting somewhat low... Can't...

    Slow to upload photos

    Experiencing difficulty in loading it's very slow to load if you ask it to upload more than 1 it cancels them?? Tried WiFi and 4g still no joy

    Kleber super 50 tyres

    Hello I'm wanting a pair of kleber super 50 tyres 50% tread roughly Size 18.4 38 Pm with info if you can help thank you

    Massey ferguson 5455 mudgaurd wanted

    Hi We are needing a mudgaurd/fender for 5455 as your sat on the seat right hand that fixes to the Cab Agco number is 3786910 Thank you

    Used tractor tyres 12.4 28

    Good usable condition full set of tyres 6.00 x 16 x2 70% left 12.4 x 28 alliance 70% tread remaining There is some cracks marks perishing but still a good usable tyre £150 ono

    What are these clips called

    Hi What are the these clips called there a band clamp with like a split pin shaped part to them that you twist to tighten the clip up Can't for the life of me remember their name thanks

    Pm tip

    Hi can anyone or @admin help Can I see if a member has seen a pm on this new format, I know the old format you could I'm using android through google Thank you

    Strange vision

    Hello any doctors look in here??? I've recently been noticing a strange shimmering flashing shape in the left side of my vision. The shape is a < shape yes a < shape. It's in the left side of my vision quite large too wether I close 1 or both eyes it's still there But then can suddenly...

    Massey ferguson 65r

    As title says Has anyone got one for sale Many thanks James

    Mf 20 / industrial parts required please

    Hello I'm requiring a complete or parts for the speedo, basically from the clock to the drive gear. Also require a front badge too Message me if you like on here Or phone 07854807794 Regards James

    Internation 956 seeking parts

    Hi all I'm requiring a part for a 956 On the right hand mudgaurds there is a hydraulic valve that controls linkage up and down I'm requiring the whole valve block New or 2nd hand if any one can help Many thanks James