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    13.6x36 tyre

    After a 13.6x36 radial tyre, ideally with over 50% tread but open to anything really as long as not less that 20%
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    MF/Fusion issue

    New set up to us for this season of a 04 MF 7495 DVT and a 2018 Fusion 3, couple of issues but not sure if they are linked. Firstly, running on power beyond when nothing on the wrapper or in the baler can still hear pressure through the baler? is that right? Wondering if this could be part of...
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    What’s this?

    Anyone identify this please?
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    Excel app for samsung tablet

    Looking for a spreadsheet app for android that will allow links to be opened? Have be given a spreadsheet system for work, basically a picking list of materials with each part number a link to the actual drawing of the part and the main location number a link to the cross section drawing of the...
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    Waste treatment plant

    Any recommendations for domestic waste plant. 4 bed farm house only 3 occupants, currently on a old brick septic tank. No issue in getting power to it, nearest ditch 40m away down hill. Is any planning or notifications required??
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    MF 6465 power upgrade

    My friends just bought a 2008 6465 with 3500hrs on the clock. He's looking to have it turned up to around 150hp. Whats the best way? Chip or Dervdoctor? Main jobs are pulling a F5500 baler, 2500gal tanker, 5 furrow plough and grassland subsoiler. Have been spoiled with the previous tractor...
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    Tote bags of pellets

    Is anyone using 1t tote bags of pellets? Just looking at how well they store? Get through approx 6t/year in our domestic boiler, usually buy in bulk in the next couple of months so to avoid the high winter prices. Just looking at getting this years in tote bags to save on the amount of waste...
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    4x4 Vehicles: Land Rover - Discovery 2 TDS

    4x4 Vehicles: Land Rover - Discovery 2 TDS Category: 4x4 Vehicles Manufacturer: Land Rover Price: £2000 Condition: Used Description: Landrover Discovery 2 TD5, 2001 51 req, Black, 123k miles, MOT Nov 18, 5 seater, manual. New rear exhaust, injector loom and rear ACE...
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    Disc Conditioner Mower : Krone - AM243CV

    Disc Conditioner Mower : Krone - AM243CV Category: Disc Conditioner Mower Manufacturer: Krone Price: £1850 Condition: Used Description: Krone AM243CV mounted mower conditioner, yr 2000. Good order used last year fold vertical for transport, tool to change blades, tine conditioner genuine...
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    Drill chuck for a angle grinder

    Does anyone know if its possible to get a drill chuck to fit to a 115mm cordless angle grinder, or a die grinder chuck to fit one? Its for a very occasional/probably never used job on the railway, using a sanding drum to remove some material on some steelwork. Current plan is a sanding drum kit...
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    Fendt Joysticks and Dashs stolen Derbyshire

    G & R Pyketts have had 2 Fendts broken into last night and the dashs and joysticks stolen, according to their facebook page.
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    Insurance requirement

    Just after some information on what insurance I will need as a new landlord. Renting out 80 acres on a 5yrs FBT to my neighbour, including the use of the haybarn to store straw. Not sure what I need to insure. Will still have some form of building insurance for the remaining sheds that have my...
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    Seat for 7840

    Currently got a piece of crap mechanical suspension seat from Bepco (urgent purchase 3 yrs ago in middle of 2nd cut and straw), this has now broken on the suspension so is fixed solid. The original grammer lasted 14000 hrs this piece of junk lasted less than 1000. So now looking to upgrade to...
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    Pan Mixer

    After some advice on buying a pan mixer. Got a few jobs coming up needing some concrete, too big for the Belle and not big enough for Ready mix. Plus off farm work meaning bit hit and miss as to when I can do them. Have used a Kilworth in the past and found it a good machine. Looking at local...
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    Planning for replacement of existing shed

    Currently have a tumble down old partial stone building, looking to replace part of this with a steel frame building. Will still be using the exsisting wall on one side and will be adjoining the house on one gable, the other side and gable will be clad to the floor in box profile. The footprint...
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    Fransgard RV390

    Don't want this to decend into a 'should buy 2 seperate machines' thread. Making 25-30 acres of hay per year, have been using a hayzip for the past 10 years, but that has now died a death. I was looking at a new haybob, but for a bit extra can get a RV390. Are they any good? We're happy with...
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    Chickweed and cleavers

    Got a problem with the above in some grassland, what would be the best spray to use? And best timing? This is permenant pasture thats not been reseeded for over 5 years.