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    1st time with AB9:Winter Bird Food Countryside Stewardship

    I’m in the Countryside Stewardship and planning on cropping some AB9: Winter Bird Food. I intend to grow traditional spring barley but on a poorer yielding area use barley as the dominant seed in the bird mix. From what I see the rules state a max 90% by weight for the barley. Has anyone any...
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    Best straight from stubble tilth seed bed maker?

    Has anyone any advice on which machine is best at making a perfect tilth for sowing after wheat or barley? Only have a small acreage of 100 acres and s T5.105 tractor. Sowing is with a 4m air drill.Had a contractor come in and make a seed bed in one pass straight from bean stubble. Now...
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    Tomahawk Birdscarer electronic timer issue

    The timings I've programmed for day time operation are starting 12 hours later - meaning it is starting to bang in the evening and would continue through the night if not swiched off. Any one know what it might be? I've reset the time and followed the programming instructions. Failing a fix I...
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    Pre-em herbicide on just sown beans

    Just sown spring beans and the ground is very dry. Chance of rain almost nil. Agronomist want to put on Stomp aqua. I think it’s just to dry and a waste of my money. What do you lot think? Thank you.
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    TX32 Electro Clutch Straw Chopper Not Working

    Last year when switching on the electro chopper to chop beans it engaged/started but then repeatedly blows the fuse in the black adjacent box. We resorted to installing the manual steel pegs. The cause may well have been attributable to a diesel pipe leaking on the engine covering that side of...
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    Advice Wanted on Purchase of Bale Squeeze

    SGM make a good one. Has all the right components and the edges that snag on others are finished off properly.
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    Hot wire a corn store with electric fence to keep out rats?

    I'm afraid i'm fighting a losing battle trying to keep rats from breaking in to my new sealed corn store. They've eaten though concrete and are now climbing up the vertical building steel beams and coming in through the roof. In addition to other serious measures I am thinking of wiring an...
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    NewHolland TX32 Combine - Header Automatic Table Compensation and Stubble Height Control not working

    Ideally I would again like to use the pressure setting. Can you please elaborate upon: "got to know the main relay click"? Cheers
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    NewHolland TX32 Combine - Header Automatic Table Compensation and Stubble Height Control not working

    Thanks for the help. Please keep up the good work. A problem shared really is a problem halved...
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    NewHolland TX32 Combine - Header Automatic Table Compensation and Stubble Height Control not working

    Neither the "Automatic Table Compensation" nor the "Stubble Height Control" are now working. Over recent years we have had the New Holland dealer out to try and sort the problem but they have been unable to fix it. At the end of harvest in problem year 1 they fitted a new internal switch on...
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    Best fert spreader to buy s/h? Also pros /cons going 24m

    Thinking of upgrading our 1989 vicon varispreader 12m to something that will do 24m and hold more than 1x 600kg bag. Quality of the machine design, ease of use and accuracy are paramount. We have 166 acres and all shapes of field. Do not want to overlap if that is possible in our price...
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    Carrier 4m seed drill: Manual or seed rate guidelines?

    Hi, Bought an old Carrier seed drill (triple k type coulters) to sow some spring beans. Does anyone have a manual or can provide any seed rate printouts to help with the seed rate settings? It would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks. Cheers Smet
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    Which square bale handler?

    SGM grab will do the job and does round bales and straw. A lot cheaper, lighter, and easier to use than a Quadrogrip et al. It does not compress the bales breaking the plastic wrap seal, instead it wedges them like an archway keystone because the arms pivot and self adjust sideways to fit snug...