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    Sheep and electric fencing

    Thinking this year of grazing ewes and lambs behind electric fence, similar to how you would cattle, labour intensive I know, but biggest problem I get is grass gets away from ewes here pretty quick....hoping to reduce scald in lambs and worm burden, but also keeping ewes and lambs fresh as they...
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    Synchronising ewes

    Unfortunately due to not home being big enough, tb etc I have to work off farm, was offered a good job 40hrs a week pention etc so taken it, but the question is for next years lambing, what is the best way to syncronise ewes to get them to lamb as close as possible, I'm cutting my ewes back to...
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    Welshpool beltex

    Anyone go? Peoples thoughts? From what I seen/bought poor choice on the whole, people not critical enough and keep everything on as tups and ewes!!
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    Livestock in transit

    With me looking at doing my class 2 licence, then hopefully doing a bit of haulage etc are they still pushing for livestock in transit test? Dad done it years ago but not once has he been asked for it etc anyone ever been asked for it?
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    Had a conner offset topper here for the last 21 years, yeah 21 years and its now on its last legs!! Went to local dealer today to find out they dont make them no more.....any other makes doing the offset rotary toppers? Any to avoid? Flail is out of the question! Tia
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    How much luck?

    Just a conversation that come up in market the other day between a few of us, thought it might be a interesting topic! how much luck do you give?
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    Piemontese cattle

    Dont see many of these about, why? There very similar to a blonde i suppose? Dad went to see a bull last night just wondering if anyone used/uses one?
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    Trimming stands

    As much as many folk on here are against trimming etc i am after a trimming stand! Got a yolk/headstock handy for trimming the odd one etc and if the floors clean but can be havoc on ones back after a whole day!! And you always seem to miss a bit here and there, getting up looking from different...
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    Royal welsh!

    Anyone been? Going? Anything worth looking at etc....was hoping to go wednesday all being well
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    Ram lambs vs shearling tups

    Just a bit of a market research really, got a lot of good ram lambs this many really only run 10 a year on as thinking of selling a dozen or so as lambs come ram sales later on! But how many people will only use shearlings as to a ram lamb, would some rather a...
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    Anyone else experiancing a lot of scald this year? As i think im getting on top of it it kicks off again!!! Long grass and dry ground not helping?
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    Beltex sale in newark

    Anyone go? Sale report? Did i hear right that one couple made 2500gns?
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    Anyone that buy tups or interested in what they do this weeks 'ffermio' was worth a watch! There should be subtitles somwere! But do i detect a few lies.....'we dont feed no cake at all'.....later on in the polaris im sure i see...
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    American vet, somthing different

    Been intresting watching this guys vids over lambing (helping me stay awake), how they do things otherside of the pond just thought id put it up for others fingers crossed the link works haha
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    Lamb creep

    Just coming up to time to put creep feeder out, used a nut for the last 2 years and find lambs slow to start, so looking for more a course mix (always found calves take course quciker), any recommendations? Wynnstay do a pedigree lamb mix, but anything else out there? Tia
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    Mastits in sheep!!

    Two ewes now bags right come weaning last year, lambed down now each one quaters!! One triplet and one twin....anyone els having problems? Ewes been kept clean, haylage ad lib and small amount of cake! Nothing more fustrating
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    Pet lambs!

    Had a triplet ewe lamb yesterday/early morning, bag has gone wrong so looks like 3 pet lambs! Ive given 2 feeds of artificail colostrum to make sure there coverd one lastnight late one early this morning (they would have had some from there mother initially) how long till i put them on milk...
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    Last blue sale in chelford!

    Anyone going?? Last time for the sale to be held in the market been going years! Dad was thinking of going but lambing duties are stopping us!
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    Worth a watch!! Emyr Jones brooklands!

    Was on s4c (wales own welsh channel) i knew he was a big time player but didnt realise his sheds and amount he handles etc For the non welsh speakers there are subtitles available.....somewere
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    Got to get ewes in today to sort them out etc heptovac says 4-6 weeks before lambing, so is that before there due to lamb....3rd of march or as in that the ewe is ment to lamb if that makes sence? Could do them today or am i better off waiting two weeks?