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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    The Eastern part of Ukraine held a vote and voted in favour of Russian control. The Russians ( Putin) said they didn’t want them. Unlike Crimea which went the same way, this eastern part offered the Russians nothing except an elderly expensive population with knacKered old industry.. The...
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    When is a positive test not a positive test

    A year ago daughter into hospital for day operation, a university hospital, one of the U.K.’s largest. All lovely to her, covid test , +ve, instantly a leper, kicked out , crying. Been at home from uni, so we’ve all got it ? Off to local test centre THAT afternoon, all -ve It was at that moment...
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    UK sinking under an ocean of debts?

    Autumn 2019 and ongoing Fed secretly pumping 100’s of b$ into US big 4 banks, rerun of 2008. Goldman’s etc. Details just released 1 day before time limit of reporting. Media silent Trillions been made available. Teetering…
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    My combine

    7278 one idler bearing one knife section cannot lie-small acreage, but
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    Ivermectin , covid cure

    2 jabs in Israel not enough to be the mythical fully vaccinated. Demanding the 3rd Case numbers through the roof UK This August 10x vent patients compared to last August India Gone from the news. Gone back to mass use of ivermectin, collapse in cases, no pharma profits though.
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    VW Touareg Farm truck

    My LC Amazon is converted from the active suspension to non active springs and dampers. £700 odd plus did control arms at same time £80 each. £5 k seems dear!
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    Mass Balance sheet

    Nice bit of info for them to sell. if we had a union...
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    Golden Nuggets....the 'fake meat' revolution is on its way....

    Even lab meat needs to eat, doesn’t grow out of thin air. Anyway It’s all about money, always is. Sadly Browne is my MP, deluded Johnson shill, with Lib Dem’s snapping at his heels.
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    "You can't trust this government or it's advisors"

    3 weeks to flatten the curve. I ask myself “do I trust Boris Johnson ?” only one answer
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    Massey 38/40 DV1 combine

    Hello, I’ve a 40rs 1993 2600 engine hours 20ft freeflow we’re selling due to farming area reduction. Cambridge area. Let me know if any interest. Tom
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    Condensation in shipping container

    Have a couple with grafotherm, no condensation. Been in 5 years.
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    Combine for 50 - 70 acres of barley a year

    The purchase price is an opportunity cost, these combines don’t depreciate. Fix yourself., can’t afford a fitter for this acreage. 2 biggies engine and hydro unit What will you wear out on 70 ac keep vermin out, got somewhere nice to park it? Anyone local that can do it?
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    Are Carrier Tine Drills any good?

    Spin it on and spring tine in. looks better than drilled here
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    No more new cars or vans in 9 years

    Don’t forget we are not the only market in the world for vehicles. Can’t see the Aussies phasing them out amongst many others. Be a few 2nd hand one’s knocking about in the future.
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    Broadcast and harrow help...

    The broadcast and nz’ed wheat looks much better than drilled with vaddy. Last season’s broadcast yielded the same as drilled. The old vaddy will now last forever. New regime : get good seedbed when dry, leave 6 weeks, spray off, broadcast off heap, nz, herbicide peri emergence, roll in spring...
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    Red Tractor Chair sells out all members

    I don’t know about the livestock side but if arable agreed no stickers from x date that’s it. Try it for a week as a protest. Report back Obviously could lead to something.......
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    Do ploughers get bg ?

    Came to this farm in ‘85 , some of it couldn’t see the rows for bg.Chemistry sorted it then but that’s all gone. Ploughing or not has made no difference, it’s soil type, wet areas, drilling date, rotation, crop density, sprays last. Worst bits, most were ploughed every year now stewardship, it’s...
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    % winter cropping complete poll

    Cambs 0% Wetter than last year, biblical rain Saturday. How will mascani do sown in the spring ? Clean skyfall in a bin Thankfully no treated seed Blackgrass is growing It’ll get done.
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    Broadcast and harrow help...

    Spun on and spring tined in a load last season (January), bit patchy but acceptable yield. Any wheelings are the problem imo.
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    House of Lords votes to ban lower standard food imports

    Whilst I don’t disagree with the sentiment....... All the banks are not moving to Frankfurt or Paris, some offices have been opened to facilitate but there has actually been inward investment into the city, you’d be surprised. Internationally London is very well placed, part of it is the add ons...