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    Autumn budget

    A quick listen to the Autumn budget and the stand out thing is a cut in air passenger duty!! I thought there was a climate crisis and we should be trying to discourage people from flying?! .... Its our cows that's the problem of course
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    Lameness in Lambs

    Our lambs seem quite bad with lameness this year, and I think it's got worse since they were weaned. Any tips on dealing with it. Going to try and get all lame ones into one lot. Guessing there is about 100 ish of them and I would think it's CODD that's the main problem. Have been footbathing...
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    Wanted used mx loader spool valve and joystick

    Wanted mx loader manual spool valve and joystick. Anyone got one lying around they have taken off a tractor? Thanks
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    Livestock Haulage, Bedfordshire to North of England/ South Scotland

    Hi, Looking for haulage north for approx 6 Rams from nr Dunstable Bedfordshire to North West of England/ Southern Scotland. Any help appreciated. TIA
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    Flatbed Trailers: Other -

    Flatbed Trailers: Other - Category: Flatbed Trailers Manufacturer: Other Price: £1820 Condition: Used Description: Bale Trailer 22Ft Long Good condition Can carry ten round bales on the flat £1820 + vat Thanks for looking message or call 07769868895 Images: See the full size...
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    Flatbed Trailers: Other -

    Flatbed Trailers: Other - Category: Flatbed Trailers Manufacturer: Other Price: £2250 Condition: Used Description: Bale Trailer 22ft long Fit 10 round bales on the floor Good condition Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by clicking here...
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    LFA Payment?

    Anybody got LFA payment yet? Is it on its way soon? It was paid 13th March last year..
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    Anybody Buying Cattle From Ireland

    Anybody buying beef cattle from Ireland just now with the way the currency is, is there money to be made. Just a thought. As an example but perhaps dear enough :unsure::
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    When Feeding Sheep With A Snacker..

    Do you feed them in a straight line or a circle?! Does it make any difference, I see my neighbour is a straight line man!, whereas I tend to go in a circle...:rolleyes: Does feeding in a circle help with shy feeders?
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    Stolen tractor

    My tractor was stolen last night. Dumfriesshire southwest Scotland Valtra Silver T120, 53 plate, Rare Green mx loader on the front. Any help in recovery much appreciated Send a pm
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    IACS and the new SFP Query..

    Does the land/ ac you put down in this years IACS give you your entitlements for 2015 and the new SFP scheme (and how they will calculate your future payment)?
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    Metal Chopsaw

    Thinking of getting a metal chopsaw. Something a bit safer than the angle grinder- Dad nearly had an incident again! Any recommendations. Cheers
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    How Full Is Your Slurry Store?!

    How is your slurry storage filling up with all the wet weather? Should be ok here for another month at least. Passed a farm today where the lagoon was full to the brim :facepalm:, and 3 weeks to go before you can spread (in the nvz).
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    Best Masonry Paint

    Thinking about painting the exterior of the farmhouse once the cattle come in and its quieter on the farm. Anybody recommend a masonry paint, will be applied be brush and would hope it will last five years!
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    Holiday Cottage For Rent

    Tell your friends and family about our holiday cottage is South West Scotland. Available for short breaks this Autumn. Great reviews on trip advisor. Thanks. :)
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    Lack of Money on Farms?

    Was at the local show on Saturday and the general talk was of the lack of money on (livestock) farms at the min. Last year will take a while to get over. Heard from more than one source that some people have stopped paying bills and are unlikely to pay any until December. Paying last years...
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    Chains For A Rotaspreader

    Currently re-furbing a used tandem fraser rotaspreader here, and a lot of chains are needing replaced. Has anybody got a contact for some chain? Just wondering if I could by 30- 40m of it cut it up and bolt the flails to the end?! Any contact or website I could try. TIA
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    Holiday Cottage To Rent, Sw Scotland

    Holiday cottage to rent in Sw Scotland. An hour from Glasgow with good train links, 1.5hrs by car to Edinburgh. Kids and pets welcome. Tell your friends and family, thanks:)
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    Mule Ewe Hoggs

    Wanted Mule ewe hoggs (or greyface). North of england or Southern Scotland prefered. Tia
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    Did anyone else see the ad from the Coop selling NZ Lamb?

    Just came in from lambing, been a busy busy day. TV was on and an ad came on from the coop where they served up NZ lamb at the table, (and the voiceover said it was NZ) It makes me mad. Have supermarkets learned nothing in the past few months about traceable, local meat? Just sent an email to...