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    Taxing a quad bike.

    What group? Does it qualify as an agricultural machine with no fee?
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    NROSO Fiasco

    Is anybody else having problems with these absolute loons? Claiming I haven’t paid. Claiming I haven’t achieved enough points, when I sent evidence when I paid. Absolute joke. Come on sort yourselves out, everybody else seems to function acceptably in spite of Covid.
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    Government food policy

    There seems at the present time to be very little interest from the powers that be in preserving national food self sufficiency, which has fallen in many commodities to a very low level. It seems to me that government policy in peacetime tends to lag the situation on the ground by several...
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    Potato Prices.

    Now that the AHDB potato council has been kicked into touch, does the Forum have a place in providing a resource for price information?
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    CCN Polyencephalomalacia

    Anybody on here with any experience? Young suckler calves 3-4 months.
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    Limousin bull wanted

    Looking for a cheap Limo bull to cover 12-15 heifers, thinking to send him to kill after. South Shropshire.
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    New power supply

    We have some buildings about 100 metres from a 3 phase power line. what is it likely to cost to install a new supply. Probably ought to go for 100kVA, but I’m feeling nervous about the expense. would it be of benefit to put a large solar power unit in on the roof of the shed?
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    Eurostar & PCN

    What are other growers’ experience of growing this variety on fields with low egg counts? we are predominantly a chipping grower, how will it be received by our customers?
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    Flea beetle in newly drilled OSR

    Any reports yet? Everybody seems to be expecting very large numbers of beetle; but are they appearing?
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    Going forward with Oilseed Rape.

    I am in the same dilemma as everybody else; how much rapeseed do I try to establish this autumn. We are a plough based system at present and plough down a good dressing of broiler litter. Most of our crops established to some extent last time, but there are a lot of bare and weedy headlands...
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    Potato planting intentions

    Usually have just over half my expected tonnage on fixed price contract. Customers are expectedly unwilling to sign up. McCains have reputedly cut everybody back 20-25%. What is everybody doing?
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    Casual Staff

    I know of a good band of casual staff available, that usually help me with grading potatoes at harvest time. Their usual summer festival work is all cancelled. Reliable and good humoured, own mobile accommodation. Based Bristol area but will travel anywhere depending on the term of employment...
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    Amazone levelling board

    Anyone else had problems with the thread adjusters going tight or seizing? Did you find a solution, because as far as I can deduce it is a very strange thread, M24x3.125. This is similar, but different to one inch UNC.
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    Simmental bull wanted

    South Shropshire. Anything half decent considered. No mad rush.
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    Simmental bull wanted

    our bull has gone lame PM me please..
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    Nitrogen rates on wheat crops this season.

    We suffered disease breakdown on the ear at the end of last season, having used a total of about 230 units N, with a robust fungicide programme. I am considering cutting my N input this season to lower disease pressure. Varieties Crusoe and Cordiale. Location Shropshire Herefordshire border...
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    Latitude on 4th wheat

    We've gut two fields of third wheat, that I have in mind for wheat again and for the future continuous wheat. Medium heavy wet fields. We have used Latitude for the last two years, do I need to use it again, or can I risk it? I am currently thinking of treating one field but not the other...
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    Replacing our Dowdeswell DP7

    Any recommendations? Looking to possibly change our 5 furrow DP7 and press. 200 hp up front.
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    No surprise, loads of land coming for sale?

    Is there a lot of land coming onto the market where you are?
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    i have a 6 mo calf that may have been mildly poisoned by hemlock, or something similar. Does anybody have any experience of this and what the symptoms are? I'm not going to post the symptoms here yet, because it may influence the answers!