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    farming knowledge gone.

    A lot of people can put an eye in a cats arse but only a few gan get it to wink !!!
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    Teat dip

    What price a litre are you getting ?? The cake gets blamed wrongly when a lad starts looking for savings. Even though meal prices have rocketed with milk prices a litre starting with a 5 and cake prices a kilo with a 4 you cant really lose if your cows have the genetic potential to respond . My...
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    Lots of veg growers packing up

    Well said over here a biggish grower up the road has just completed his last crop of cabbage . He couldnt convince the supermarkets to pay 10 cent head more for cabbage and given the rising cost of fuel , fert , and transport he felt it was time to get out before he lost the farm And that...
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    Churches and farming

    Dont worry youll get your day out laid out in one of the old churches..... Hopefully not any day soon :) :ROFLMAO::) Like many a Doubting Thomas im sure you will rejoin the fold when you sniff the Devils breath on your arse !!!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:(y)(y)
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    Churches and farming

    Its good to see so many replies to the thread Methinks the death of faith has been grossly overestimated . The word of God has endured for over 2000 years and despite mans best efforts to undermine Gods message he aint going anywhere .. One of the benefits of turning out every Sunday for me...
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    Dominator 98 Advice

    A visit to your local auto electric repair shop i think . The will test the alternator and advise . A new one wont clean you out even though the mattress is gone a root under the sofa should cover it !!! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:. Keep away from Claas dealer or you will be royally bent over happened a...
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    The transition from BPS to ELMS

    Why dont the pay 200 quid acre on a hundred acres max to every farmer who can prove he / she earns a min 60 % of their income farming . Cert from the Inland Revenue e Then critical mass would be maintained and Society and rural communities would benefit hugely and thats a real PUBLIC GOOD ...
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    Yorkshire Couple Farm Split?

    There could be a shortage of walls !!! There would be that many cyclists , walkers , vegans ,pikies , etc to get through .......
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    Farming in Suffolk

    Very sorry to hear that you are having to sell to pay out the family. Best of luck in the future . The downside of high land values and modest farming returns . You couldnt generate their share from what the farm makes .
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    Yorkshire Couple Farm Split?

    Never watched much of the first 5 series myself and i wish Clive and his Children the best As regards Amanda and her future Series if some of what has been said is true then Ben Dover or Seymour Butt will in touch .... Ok right oh im off to the bold step !!:):)
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    Boris Johnson unveils ‘grow for Britain’ plan

    The only plant the inmates of prison are interested in is cannabis maybe Boris has had his brain cells fried with weed !!! Any more fairytale policies coming out of his arse and its a definite !!!
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    To me the new x7 tractors are a fine modern looking machine . Every tractor can give trouble its how the Dealer and maker responds to sort it out that counts . MF and ford have ruled the roost here for 3 generations with IH on the subs bench !! Other makes have been tried over the years...
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    Lime cost?

    The stuff I get off my local " cab over johnny " is good stuff . Ag lime has to meet min criteria by law over here or it cant be sold as lime . The price he qouted was 27 a ton for 70 ton but discount for payment behind the spreader or rather after the tea reduced the price by 2 euro ton ...
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    Lime cost?

    No its a cash price quarry only a few miles away .
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    Lime cost?

    25 euro ton delivered and spread .
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    Dominator 98 Advice

    Dealer or private sale @silverfox ? I can think of a few dealers who wouldnt be making little of a gem like that . Must keep an eye on Done Deal to see if she makes a reappearance .
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    Dominator 98 Advice

    Doc by the time youre finished putting her right she will be as good as new.... Any of your old gear would be a great buy given the high standards of maintenance .:):)
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    Blackgrass for idiots

    Consult two tones guide to burying blackgrass with a plough . SLOW forward speed or seed gets threw against the furrow wall rather than under it .. No contractor is going to plough a t 5 mph when hes paid by the acre . Ploughing is only as good as the man doing it .
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    Blackgrass for idiots

    First year plough as deep as the tractor will pull the plough following year shallower that way the seed stays down . Well set skimmers that do their job .. Slow and expensive on a big acreage but given current cereal prices its a hell of a lot more profitable than fallow or medicore sp barley...
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    Rent Review

    Thats where it starts to stink for me . God created all men equal and your forefathers were asleep the didnt burn the lot out and take what was rightfully theirs. The English tried the same caper over here but over time the Land Wars and the Land league wore them out and the peasantry got their...