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    OSR and Urea

    Has anyone mixed OSR seed with urea prills and drilled down the the same coulter ? Will it burn/scorch the seedling ? ( drill has two hoppers )
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    Last British Coalmine

    Having watched the news this morning, I wonder when we will watch, " Last British Farm to Close ". Unable to produce, wheat, pork, lamb, beef, milk, veg, all food products. Cheaper imports available ?
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    Wheat 2015

    Started wheat today, Claire. 16%. 1st field 10.38, 2nd 8.99.
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    DD Oil Seed Rape.

    We have now cut 300 ha DD rape, average around 3.5t/ha. Seedhawk/Claydon drilled. Further 100ha. to go. Very small seeds . How is anyone else doing ?
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    Dockers Intro.

    Hampshire. 7 years DDing. JD750a and Seedhawk. Med.soil over chalk, some clay-cap. All with medium to high stone ( flint ) content. Mainly wheat/fallow rotation, some spring barley. Have been growing rape again for the last 2 years, but giving it up again as Life is to short for the nightmares...