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  1. kmo

    Tesco closing meat counters.

    A message from Dave Lewis, Tesco CEO "In order to allow Tesco colleagues to focus on stocking shelves, helping to provide the essential groceries you are looking for and to avoid waste, we will close all meat, fish, deli counters and salad bars. "
  2. kmo

    Alarm padlocks.

    Alarm padlocks, any one use them? How well do they last outdoors, where wet could get in to them ? I imagine if one froze in the Winter, you wouldn't be able to thaw it out with hot water?
  3. kmo

    The right to repair.

  4. kmo

    Farming Connect to promote Welsh language.

    Just had an email questionnaire from Farming Connect. Topic Didn't know promoting the welsh language came under Farming Connect's remit. (Farming Connect is an all Wales service for farming families which provides farm businesses with a range of services tailored to a particular need...
  5. kmo

    "The mission to cross Wales in a straight line."

    Introduction video. Where he sets out his goal to cross wales in a straight line. Talks about the problems crossing terrain, getting through hedges, over fences , evading farmers. Sets up a crowdfunding page for equipment he needs. Asks for support to get his equipment transported. Video...
  6. kmo

    Key management

    I have keys ,to locks, for the house, farm gate, fuel store, tool chests ,four vehicles that are potentially nickable etc etc. I don't like carrying loads of keys in my pockets because of the risk of losing them . But don't like "hiding" them, because I get "can't remember where I put that...
  7. kmo

    Old coal mines can be 'perfect' underground food farms

    "Mine shafts and tunnels are seen as "the perfect environment" for growing food such as vegetables and herbs." "Advocates say subterranean farms could yield up to ten times as much as farms above ground." Light will be provided by cheap leds...
  8. kmo

    TB. Slaughter house case.

    Sent a bunch of cattle to an abattoir last week. I was emailed the kill sheet the same day. They , killed out well and better grades than I expected. Even the Health Summary box , had "No Conditions Recorded" All good Today I received a letter from Animal & Plant Health Agency. giving me...
  9. kmo

    Plough id

    Any one know what model Lemken this is please ? Trying to workout if wearing parts are still available for it. Mouldboard numbered W5U2B Depth wheel is off but is this type.
  10. kmo

    Push / pull, cable thingummy.

    Anyone know what the correct title for one of these is ? And a source of getting a new one ? Thanks kmo
  11. kmo

    Christmas 2016 may be the cheapest ever

    "According to an index that tracks seasonal food, the price of Christmas dinner is now at its lowest since it started in 2009." For a Christmas Dinner that cost £37 a head last year, the cost in 1975 would have been nearly £55
  12. kmo

    Surprise pole

    Came home for tea to find BT Openreach have erected a new pole outside my house. (Existing supply is undeground) New pole's in the middle of my hedge which borders a public road, so they didn't need to access any private property to erect it. The existing phone cabling crossing the farm...