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  1. nuffield1060

    Name this plough

    As the title of the thread suggests i'm after a model number for this SKH plough or for its Overum equivalent. The reason I ask is that i'm trying to find a set of oil seals for furrow number 3 ram as the old ones are perished and leaking oil out. If anyone has any information on this plough...
  2. nuffield1060

    What's this bit called?

    Evening all. I've been given an SKH 3 furrow conventional plough to pull behind my Nuffield and I am in the process of freeing all moving parts off with the view of taking it to a local ploughing match or two. Unfortunately I can't find a photo of it just right now but I will post one when I...
  3. nuffield1060

    Volvo L50C

    Afternoon all, while using our Volvo loading shovel this morning it lost drive. The gear readout on the digital screen next to your left knee reads NO instead of LO or HI when the forward/reverse rocker switch is in the forward or reverse position. Has anyone any experience with these loading...
  4. nuffield1060

    Forge Services Limited

    Evening all, anyone used forge services limited before? I've come across their website and want to buy a particular part for my nuffield from them as I can't find one anywhere else in the UK online. However their website has no postal address or phone number which I thought was a bit dodgy...