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  1. colhonk

    what bolt thread?

    on an auto level tripod fixing bolt.
  2. colhonk

    U Tube farmers

    Looks like someone set joe seels straw stack on fire last night.
  3. colhonk

    Electronic gate entry systems

    Any ideas as to whom / where to get such a system. 200 + users, was thinking one of the little credit card type thing people could keep in their vehicle, get out of car,go to lock on the gate post,hold card to reader which undoes electric lock bolt so they can open gate, drive through then shut...
  4. colhonk

    Merlo probs

    Asking for someone else, older Merlo,when he puts the forward / revese left hand lever into drive it sets off without touching the pedal. any ideas?
  5. colhonk

    Russian satellites

    Will this war affect gps signals, ie,do we use Russian satellites? willPutin switch them off?
  6. colhonk

    Fieldbee or FDJ?

    Totally useless at computery stuff so which if either would be a fit and forget rtk steering jobby.
  7. colhonk

    engine light

    Has come on on my 2 year old nissan pickuk, battery has not much power either. how to get light off? other than waste half a day at dealers.
  8. colhonk

    farm sign number plates

    Where to get black on yellow pressed number plates but with my farm name on them? Got white on black,,, Black on white, but still seem to be invisible to Google maps users who refuse to believe their map is WRONG and sending them to the wrong farm.
  9. colhonk

    Let there be light

    Fitted my new LED headlights from UTV, to the old Merlo, Before After Jobs a good un
  10. colhonk

    Storage full

    For about the last year there have been popup boxes,beeps and all sorts of other warnings that I have not enough storage space left to download all the updates that are trying to do. What can I delete? safely, and more to the point HOW, not even enough space to do a Restore point. What the heck...
  11. colhonk

    John Deere pickup hitch

    The Dromone pick up hitch is forever jamming, the shaft that the hook sits on turns and jams the release lever so that when I want to drop a trailer off the hook I cannot pull the lever in the cab to pull the pin out of the hole through the hook. Anyone else had this? what is the cure?.
  12. colhonk

    Continuous wheat

    Which is the best for sowing.
  13. colhonk

    Row crops

    Are row crops strong enough to use to do work that the standard tyres do? ie; ploughing.
  14. colhonk


    Now that we do not have to fill the greening part of the bps in.does that mean we can do away with the 5% area of weeds and rubbish we have had to endure all these years?
  15. colhonk

    Potato fert

    Do potatoes need a sulphur fertiliser?
  16. colhonk

    Plough sub soiler points / fittings.

    Seem to remember years ago that there was some sub soiling fittings to bolt onto plough shares, are there still such things to fit Kverneland ploughs,If so are they any good?
  17. colhonk

    Log book

    What is the colour of the current log books? They changed them a few years back and wondering if I still have the old one or need to update it.
  18. colhonk

    How to kill Rye grass

    Axial Pro does nothing. Would Pacifica Plus maybe do the job this spring?
  19. colhonk

    Mig for car bodywork

    My mig does not turn down enough to weld car bodywork with 0.6mm wire. Recomendations for new smaller welder? not a Clark. stepless feed and power controls.
  20. colhonk


    Provider says I have 5 m download at router. my computer says 0.13 down and 0.55 up. put new router,wire, and a laptop straight from the openreach wall box, It also says 0.13. any Ideas, supposed to be an engineer from openreach to look at line,Look out there`s a` flying pig`. Anyone using EE...