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  1. Nick.

    Adjusting fert spreader disc veins

    I’ve managed to put stripes in the wheat (yet again) despite phoning Amazone for the settings. 😡 So, I’ve ordered a tray test kit. But I can’t find any info on how to adjust the veins to even up spread. It’s thrown it too far. Surely it can’t be a case of trial and error. Running an Amazone...
  2. Nick.

    Spring barley seed rates

    As above really. Spring barley DD into fairly heavy ground. What rates are you all going at ? FS good germination.
  3. Nick.

    Seed test results

    Will this need a seed dressing ?
  4. Nick.

    Settings for oats help.

    Really struggling with returns in spring oats. Running a lexion. Can any help with some settings pls.
  5. Nick.

    To drill or not to drill ?

    We’ve got a field of rape to get in. But, we've got 15mm of rain forecast tomorrow, and another 20mm or so forecast for Thursday. On the other hand time is getting on and I don’t really trust these forecasters. Thoughts please.
  6. Nick.

    Fendt hyd filter location ?

    Can anyone shed some light on where the ‘control pressure fine’ filter is located please. The book is no help at all. It’s on a 716 if that helps.
  7. Nick.

    Any idea what seed this is ?

    We ordered some intermediate Sorghum for game cover. the labels say sorghum Sudanese. But it’s like no sorghum I’ve seen before. Has anyone got any ideas ? I'm waiting on a call from the suppliers. Pic is on a piece of A4.
  8. Nick.

    Which gas banger ?

    After having another Spaldings conversion kit on a banger destroy its self in spectacular fashion, I’m looking for a new gas gun. Has anyone got any recommendations please ?
  9. Nick.

    Ifor Williams canopy gas struts

    Has anyone fitted gas struts to an IW canopy ? Does it work well, I’ve only got a mesh back so not too heavy. It seems a kits available but I can’t seem to find it, looking for a link please.
  10. Nick.

    Lake with carp needs netting

    Hopefuly this in the right section. We’ve got a lake approx 1.5ac that needs netting. It’s stocked with Carp and I believe some Tench. Looking for recommendations for someone to net it and pay for fish on a price/lb basis. It’s hardly ever fished. So they should be good clean fish. Based...
  11. Nick.

    12v heavy weatherproof plug

    We’re getting a new rtv, but I’m wanting to be able to put a weatherproof socket on to run slug pelleter, sprayer and pheasant spinner. (Not all at once.) At the moment we’re using a mix of all sorts of plugs. I just want to go to one reliable type across everything. I was thinking Anderson...
  12. Nick.

    Letter to Michael Gove

    Sorry if that’s has already been posted, but it sheds a bit more light on the shambles that is NE.
  13. Nick.

    Amatron 3 box crashing ?

    I’ve got an Amatron 3 box that keeps playing up. It’s been fine for a couple of loads, but now after 30seconds or so of use it won’t let me open or close the slides or lift/lower limiter. I have to turn the box off and back on again. Has any one got any ideas what the problem could be ? The...
  14. Nick.

    Neugent trailer

    Looking for a price on a Neugent 14’x6’7” with drop sides and ramps, twin axle. Del to CV8. TIA. Nick
  15. Nick.

    Slug pelleter problem

    We’ve got a brand new Stocks fan jet. One or both of the slides stick intermittently, Stocks told us to put a washer between the slide and base of the hopper as the problem is pellets jamming the slide. The idea being to give more clearance. But now with the slide closed it still lets odd...
  16. Nick.

    Pallet of glyphosate

    Looking for a price on a pallet of glyphosate delivered to CV8, asap. TIA
  17. Nick.

    Lexion 580 settings

    I'm getting quite high returns in wheat, it's not the fittest crop. I've tried playing with all the settings. Just wondered if any one can share what they're running at.
  18. Nick.


    Looking for a price on 1 arctic load of urea, 1 load of AN and 1 load of Pulan 30N 17So3 please, delivered CV8.
  19. Nick.

    Drilling linseed on the green

    Due to a serious lack of spraying days and breakdowns I've not been able to get some of our covers sprayed off. Do I get these sprayed ASAP and leave for a couple more weeks, or drill on the green and add glyph to the pre-em ? I'm quite happy drilling all the other crops on the green, but not...
  20. Nick.

    Fendt hydraulic problem

    I've got a 716 and the hydraulics lock keep locking themselves. I press the unlock button, and within 5 seconds they lock again. There's a hyd ram symbol coming up on the dash too. Any ideas please as Sod's law has meant I've got a sprayer full of chemical I'm desperate to get on.