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  1. Qman

    Brexit is destroying Britain
  2. Qman

    Brexit is destroying Britain

    To follow up my above post, there's a good article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Friday's Daily Telegraph which counteracts all the Remain lies.
  3. Qman

    Brexit is destroying Britain

    And since when did the OECD get anything right? They said before that we would be bottom and we ended up top. It's like the Remainers predicting high unemployment, firms leaving the country, when we are doing well.
  4. Qman

    Brexit is destroying Britain

    This can't be right, I keep hearing Brexit is a failure from many French residents and you are saying we are doing well!
  5. Qman


    I didn't know you could get new needles, I just wash the old one and use again. When it gets blunt I run it down a stone, seems to work alright. It was 1 inch but now it's nearer half an inch. Maybe I should buy another.
  6. Qman

    Goodbye suckler cows no ai service.

    I've used Genus/MMB for 50 years, but this year I've used an independent chap. His charges are 50% less and he's got some good bulls, but I bought some Ampertaine Metric which he got for me. You can ring up till 1pm and I'm happy with the new service. Genus don't deserve to succeed, it's all...
  7. Qman

    IH 684 filters

    Are they the original filters.....they must be a bit mucky by now.
  8. Qman

    Brexit is destroying Britain

    This sort of thinking is exactly why I voted to leave. You seem to think you are so sophisticated and ain't.
  9. Qman

    Dominator 98 Advice

    My advice is to get a quality alternator, not a cheapo one or a refurbed one....I did once and regretted it when it went kaput on a Friday afternoon.
  10. Qman

    Boris's successor ..... POLL

    The Independent.....that successful paper who might be a bit lefty and remainy.
  11. Qman

    Boris Is Toast

    Macron is still with his flippin teacher and you know perfectly well that the French don't care how many women their leaders have. I bet you thought JFK was a good un, he makes Boris look like a virgin.
  12. Qman

    Wheat planting as beginner

    Is it April 1st again?
  13. Qman

    Dominator 98 Advice

    If you are doing OSR I hope you've got the SL hydrostatic version. The crash gearbox is not much fun to reverse several hundred times, I know I had a 98S.
  14. Qman

    Spear thistles in new ley

    I've had the same trouble on a re-seeded 20 acre field. I sprayed the old grass with Thistlex, then Roundup, then disced it and drilled the grass seed. Thousands of boar thistles grew and not wanting to lose the clover, I've topped it twice. I too would like a spray that leaves the clover as...
  15. Qman

    Who gives a flying feck whether Starmer had a beer?

    We don't know how many booze and curry nights Sir Starmer had cuz he was only photoed at one. I bet he went to plenty, the hypocrite. Yes Boris ordered the lockdown, but it was only when the 2 professors told him what an apocalypse would happen if he didn't.
  16. Qman

    Who gives a flying feck whether Starmer had a beer?

    Have you seen the latest opinion polls? Labour are only 1 point above the Conservatives and that is in mid term. Boris will go on to win the next election, but if the Tories go against him there will be a mutiny like when they got rid of Maggie.
  17. Qman

    Our Queen is struggling

    WTF does David Mellor know about anything?
  18. Qman

    Saler or lim x British friesian

    The best suckler cow is a Limousin x British Friesian, get them bought quick before someone else does. They are usually difficult to find.
  19. Qman


    If the government were in charge of CF we would never get any fertiliser.
  20. Qman


    Do you mean that it's a waist of time investigating good honest hardworking workingclass knighted Labour bigwigs, but it is OK to investigate our elected Prime Minister when he has a bit of birthday cake in the house where he lives?