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    Same Iron/Deutz Agrotron 150 - How to grease front axle pivot?

    Afternoon I can't quite figure this one out and the manual doesn't tell me. How do I grease the front axle pivot? I've found one grease nipple on the RH side for the front pivot point but I can't figure out how to get grease into the rear one. It looks like it's had grease in it at some point...
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    What are you working on today, TFF?

    Got a job on the go that's not really thread worthy? Not a QFB&C? Not quite a NQFEorAQB? Whatever it is, show us what you're working on today, TFF. I'm desperately trying to revive the aircon system on my newly purchased Same but it's snowballing a bit (I probably shouldn't have bothered with...
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    What's the future of wrapped bales?

    Evening. I currently make about 1,000 wrapped bales a season and have been slowly gearing up to do my own baling in order to cut costs and add flexibility (and stress). With net/wrap/disposal costs rising and a growing social discontent regarding plastic wrap (and everything else that...
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    LIC CellSense/Saber SCC - Any good?

    Evening Anyone familiar with this system? I've just come across some second hand LIC CellSense units (and the 24v power supply) at a very, very sharp price. No idea if they work or not, but I'm prepared to take a punt. What kind of reagent do they run on? Is the cheap CMT (or what we call...
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    Another PTO guard thread - How do I pull this one off?

    Evening I can't for the life of me figure out how to get this one off without destroying it. The two flat head screw things just keep turning around, no amount of levering or prying or swearing will remove it. If it's any help, it says "MADE IN ITALY" on it and if it's the original shaft/guard...
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    SAME Iron 150/Deutz Agrotron 150 - Engine size, loader, FLPTO

    Evening I'm about to be the owner of an older SAME Iron 150 but I can't figure out what engine it's got (I haven't seen the tractor in person yet, just been told it's a Deutz engine). Because it's not a 150.7, am I right in thinking it won't have a 7.1L Deutz engine? If so, what does it have...
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    How many bales can a Bio baler bale before a Bio baler should be burnt?

    Evening What would be considered a "high" bale count for a tidy, well looked after Kuhn i-Bio? Asking for a friend.
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    Would a Fransgard TI6000 fit on a trailer?

    It's probably a long shot, but does anyone happen to have a TI6000 floating around that they could measure for me? I'm dealing with an idiot salesman who's not interested in putting the machine in transport position, taking the tine arms out, folding up the guards and measuring the overall...
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    Best way to lift & transport a 2 wheeled farm bike?

    Evening Bit of a weird one, but I'll give it a go. What's the easiest, quickest, cheapest and safest way to lift and transport a 2 wheeler using a tractor & front end loader? Back story: Occassionally, I need to drive a tractor to the other side of the farm, leave it there to do a long term...
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    Claas Disco end of season service - Free-wheel clutch?

    Afternoon I never read instructions, but for some reason I've stuck my head in the owners manual of my new (to me) Disco 3550. I found this in there: I can't say I've ever heard of an overrunning clutch needing to be routinely serviced, I just grease them regularly and don't point the water...
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    Anyone filling their own silo?

    Afternoon I'm looking at buying one of these (PTO powered) to load my 16t silo with PKE. Has anyone used one, or something similar?
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    Need a UK based Kramp dealer that I can buy from

    Morning My local Kramp dealer is absolutely useless - no stock, extortionate pricing, generally not interested. Who is in the UK that I can buy small items from? I can provide a UK shipping address. Regards
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    Do I really need duals?

    Evening I've got a flat tyre on one of the duals (again), got to take it off, strap it onto a trailer, take it in to the tyre man, pay some hard earned $$$ to have it fixed......or do I? The tractor came with these duals on it and I've left them on, assuming they'd be providing extra...
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    Lets talk about mowers again....New Holland DiscCutter 360 - will it work for me?

    Evening Will my Same Silver 130 with duals handle a 3.6m mower (no conditioner) on very steep land without breaking in half or tipping over? Rear inner tyres full of water, no front weights. Don't mind changing down a gear or two to gain the extra cutting width over my 2.8m. Am I right in...
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    Dunloflex mudguards - repairable?

    Afternoon My Same has Dunloflex front mudguards, they're starting to crack a bit around the mounting points and I think I should do something about it before they start falling off. Is this material able to be plastic welded or repaired? Or do I not bother and just replace them? Regards
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    Removing caked on Magnesium Oxide from spreader

    Galvanised frame, stainless spinner and plastic (polyethylene?) hopper, covered in layers of dried on magnesium oxide. Any ideas? I don't have a steam cleaner so my only option is cold water pressure washer, elbow grease or some kind of magical chemical which will dissolve the substance and not...
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    Contractors baler not baling bales properly

    Evening As I chew through my winter supply of wrapped baleage, I'm running into a lot of problem bales which are a nightmare to unwrap in one piece, often ending up with bits of wrap and strands of net tangled up between the layers of silage. I guess what I want to know is, how well do balers...
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    AI semen straw outside diameter - 0.25 and 0.5ml

    Afternoon Any chance someone could measure the outside diameter of a straw for me? I've just purchased some inseminators/pistolettes from China (it seemed like a good idea at the time) which claimed to be able to accept 0.25 and 0.5ml straws. They've just arrived, I'm comparing them to the...
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    2007 Same Silver 130 (water cooled) - Front linkage & PTO

    Evening By any chance, does anyone have some photos or diagrams of how the later model Silver (grey roof and wheels) front PTOs and linkages were attached? Mainly wanting to see how the front PTO was attached and how they got a shaft to the front with the radiator in the way. It was a factory...
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    Same Falcon 50 - Cold start/glow plugs/heater?

    Afternoon Winter's coming (well, on the bottom half of the world atleast) and my little Falcon is getting harder and harder to start on these cold mornings......10,000+ hours probably isn't helping. What kind of pre-heat/cold start system did the old orange and blue air cooled Sames have? Or do...