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    Vaderstad carrier

    650 , Steel packer , age irrelevant but needs to be in good condition and Close to Oxfordshire , thanks
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    Any others having jcb paint issues on new machine

    Just been delivered (new) and paint job is shocking , even has rust in places where it’s not even been painted properly , heard of one other locally delivered a month ago , any more ? Dealer aware and awaiting there comments.
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    Black lim x British Friesian heifers

    Looking for a smart bunch around the 18 month old bracket to bull straight away , if anyone might know of some please contact me , preferably from a tb friendly area and not hundreds of miles from Oxford , thanks
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    Tractor tyres

    Got the chance of a tractor , got spec sorted out but tyres seem a minefield , got the chance of Michelin 650/85r38 rear 600/70r28 which I presume can be deflated a lot or 710/70r42 rear 600/70r30 trelleborgs which can’t be deflated as much , tractor weighs around 9 and bit tons , what’s folks...
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    Fendt 724 profi plus

    Any dealers with a demo unit for sale or possibly new , please pm me
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    2.4m-200mm-100mm sleepers for raised veg beds

    Looking for a price on 36 please delivered to ox44 Oxford , please quote variations but with having in mind for growing veg in so not to be treated with any thing nasty , thanks
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    Fendt power plus vs profi plus

    Getting priced up on a few tractors , always like to ask farmers so big difference between the two fendt models please , don’t listen too much to salesman spea and would you swing towards one or the other or doesn’t matter , thanks
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    New farm house design

    Want to build a new farm house , got all the relevant paper work in order so no problem there it’s just design etc which we are slightly struggling with , as always the case with farm buildings you wish you did something different but don’t want this to be the case with a new build and home for...
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    Percolation test results

    Anyone done them , wanting some results before submitting our results so I don’t make a rod for our back , time taken is roughly 5 hrs for a hole roughly a meter square , thanks.
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    French to stop exports

    Seems grain etc is or being considered not to be exported by the French during these times , Germany ripping up greening areas , the Irish being asked to plant more , when’s the penny going to drop here?
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    Best battery charger

    bought the cheep ones but you get what you pay for , any ideas on a new one? Thanks
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    Rumstad hook tone potato ridger

    Hole machine minus pto , would make a good parts machine as it has full width clamps and tines , comes with hod
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    Kuhn spinner paint

    Just got the odd small amount of rust in places and thought whilst I have the time I will blast it off and re paint , what do I need primer wise and is Kuhn paint two pack ? Thanks
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    Michelin multi bid 650/65r 42

    Anyone with a good one around 35mm of tread? Thanks
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    Cow bolus

    What folk using to mineral bolus through calving to bulling?
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    The Elms School , Herefordshire

    Anyone on here sent their child to this prep school , interested to hear what you thoughts are , thanks
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    Jcb 532-60 dual tech

    Any one been running one for a while , been looking at one , thanks
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    Failed percolation test

    What have others done on here for a soak away , as we failed the above have a funny feeling we will have to put in a right load of crap to keep planning happy.
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    Dutch barn Lean 2 tin

    Looking for the sheets that are curved back under the Dutch barn part , photo attached , could buy new but only need a few if there are some used ones about , thanks @grainboy ?
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    Tyre repair

    Like a total Richard put a small hole in a the side of a trailer flotation this morning , bar sending through someone else is there anyone oxford area that I can take too direct , thanks