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    Economy of scale?

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    Meat: a threat to our planet.

    Just seen this on BBC, on next Monday night, wonder what message it will be pushing.:rolleyes:
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    Well worth a watch.

    Well worth watching this, he's got a few others too.
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    Randall parker llanidloes
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    Limited use toyota hilux

    Got this for sale if anyone interested, Shameless link, I know.
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    Anybody seen this stuff before? It one he'll of a crop what ever it is.
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    Ferguson Tea 20

    Got a tea 20 petrol, continental engine, where would be a good place to get a decent 6v battery and coil from, spark plugs could probably be replaced as well?
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    7710 plough challenge

    This should give some of you blue boys a hard on. @7610 super q
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    Tb eradication in New Zealand

    Interesting little read, perhaps someone could forward on to Mr Gove, not that it would make much difference.
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    That's the end of that then.
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    For sale Audi a4

    Audi a4 1.9 td 57 plate, 114000 miles, Reasonable condition, every thing work, Bit of rust on one wheel arch. £2500 Pm for more info.
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    Pointless/over engineered

    Is it me or is the first lorry in this video stupid. Who the hell thought of something so dull as to have a axel hanging out 5 yards behind you doing nothing what so ever........ then there's the other 3 mid lifts, tyre wear must be fenominal unless they're all steering axels. On the other hand...
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    Pictures not showing

    The tff app on my phone won't display any pictures for some reason, it was working fine till yesterday, but nothing now, any suggestions?
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    Claas jag 75

    Dont know if this is the right place or not. We have 2x claas jag 75 for sale on ebay, if anyone interested have a look, if you want more info drop me a pm or my brothers no is on the adverts.
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    Huntaway X pup for sale

    Huntaway X pup for sale, 8 week old dog ready for collection, working parents.
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    Ifor Williams HB505 Double Horse Trailer

    Ifor Williams HB505 Double Horse Trailer Year 2004 - Aluminium floor with rubber matting. Excellent Condition - Owned from new. To Carry 2 Horses up to 16.2hh £2,250 ono For Further Information, Contact Clare on 07976 569340
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    stuck calf interesting comments about the RSPCA at the bottom.
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    kelpie x collie female

    kelpie x collie female for sale, 8 month old, showing keen with sheep, selling due to lack of time to trane, mid wales area. 07816061944.