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  1. Rob Holmes

    Anyone dealt with Corner Bros. Newton Morrell?

    Seen a tractor advertised by them and I haven't heard of them before. Has anyone dealt with them before. Cheers
  2. Rob Holmes

    Fitting a fire suppression kit on a combine?

    Has anyone done this? How much does it cost and does it get an insurance reduction?
  3. Rob Holmes

    Ex teat dip drum for silage additive?

    Would it be safe to use drum which previously had teat dip in them and use them for silage inoculant? I’m concerned that there maybe traces of iodine which wouldn’t be very helpful to the bacteria. They would be thoroughly steam cleaned out, would they be ok or am I asking for trouble?
  4. Rob Holmes

    Powdered silage inoculants

    We’ve just bought a forage wagon fitted with a powder additive applicator, and having a quick search online, I can only find a handful of powdered silage inoculants. Does this mean that powdered additives are inferior to liquid ones? Any recommendations for good powder inoculants. N.B...
  5. Rob Holmes

    Ziegler side knife divider

    Does anyone know where I can get a Ziegler side knife divider? I’ve tried Ziegler, google searches and various parts websites but not come up with anything.
  6. Rob Holmes

    3D printed photo gallery

    Not got a 3D printer myself but seriously fancy one, and I thought to start a thread for people to post useful & interesting things (ag based or not) they have printed with theirs (or seen on the internet) So, feel free to unload any pics
  7. Rob Holmes

    Looks like autumn muckspreading is back on

  8. Rob Holmes

    Anyone got a Claydon Terrablade?

    Thinking of getting one of these as another tool in the armoury and hopefully reduce our reliance on herbicides and improve our environmental credentials. What are users views on them and have they been successful? Any tips or tricks to get the best out of them? I also plan on using it on a...
  9. Rob Holmes

    NH CX windscreen replacement cost?

    A crack has appeared on the combines windscreen, no idea how it’s happened as nothing noticeable has hit it. The crack is about 6 inches long and starts at the pillar where door is hinged. It has not grown after 2 more days of use. Any idea how much a replacement is, and should I get insurance...
  10. Rob Holmes

    Trying to get Trimble GFX750 to talk to RDS Artemis box

    Trying to get the Trimble to send a speed signal to the Artemis box, so far I have done without success: Set the Artemis box to GPS only in top port Matched to baud rate of both boxes What else do I need to do?
  11. Rob Holmes

    2nd wheat choices

    Got a block of ground going into continuous wheat, and looking for suitable varieties, going to go with Gleam on some of it but want another variety to partner it. Looking for a good easy-care variety which isn’t too late, with decent specific weight Ground is heavy clay and goes cold and wet...
  12. Rob Holmes

    Grain store lighting

    I want to replace the aging halogen lights out of the grain store and replace them with some farm assurance friendly LED ones. The store is only 25x15m, so what would be the suggested size and amount. Any links to sources and best prices would be appreciated
  13. Rob Holmes

    Spreader hood or tedding out?

    Does using a spreader hood on a mower conditioner eliminate the need for tedding out, or would you still do it?
  14. Rob Holmes

    Kuhn speader settings

    Does anyone have a width setting when using Diamond Fertilisers 38n:19s product? For a Kuhn Axis 30.1 QE with S6 disc on 24m
  15. Rob Holmes

    MF 6470 error code T1.24

    Does anyone know what T1.24 is? Think its a range switch, can anyone confirm this
  16. Rob Holmes

    Yara want to move to 750 kg bags

  17. Rob Holmes

    CB's or 2-way radio's?

    For combining lsst year we used handheld 2-way radios, qnd whilst they were good, they had their limitations such as limited range. Am i better kitting combine and carting tractors with CB's? Max range would need to be around 5 miles over underlating terrain. If so, which would be best product...
  18. Rob Holmes

    MF exhaust

    Can anyone recommend where I can buy a replacement exhaust for MF 6400 series? Genuine ones are paper thin and expensive. I have tried a Pipefab one before and that has cracked up, plus they’re difficult people to get hold of.
  19. Rob Holmes

    Dagenhart front linkage suspension issue

    I put a Dagenhart front linkage on our 6480 a few months ago and all worked fine, but a few weeks ago the dampening on it linkage seems to have stopped. Ive had the accumulator off and pressure checked, thats fine. Tried it in both working and locked position but still no suspension. Any ideas...