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    Mchale f5500

    Knife doesn't seem to pull back to cut net, quick kick and works spring seems fine and moves smoothly, what am I missing 🤔
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    Plate cooler

    Can and will it work, if I put a plate cooler in upside-down as have a very small space to fit one and joint straight to Steel pipe on milk inlet and outlet, water is not problem, this is on a single stage.
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    Milk kart from dairy spares

    Has anyone purchased one of these from dairy spares? It's a milk kart from milkbar, have had lots of problems with it, axel fell off which smashed battery and ripped out batteries wires, pump switch failed and meter fail both weren't covered under warranty as they had milk ingress (pretty sure...
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    Milk filters

    Does anyone else use these milk filters? Have had them on order for 2 months and get the same sh!t every week, that they'll be in on Friday but not guarantee[emoji35] , they come from NZ but I know am not the only one locally who uses them, and can't understand why Devaval can't have some in the...
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    Dairy crest
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    DEUTZ handbrake

    Been driving our 5120c most of the day and can't seem to get the handbrake to release, didn't realise it was on so drove about 30meters and it stalled, currently blocking the road(n)
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    Cycling incalf cows.

    Just finished final PD session and have 5 empty out of 171, but what I seem to be getting a lot of cows showing signs of bulling but are PD+, normally get a couple but this year seem to be about 20 odd, vet just puts it down to our good cow fertility, but heavily pregnant cows jumping about like...
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    Weed/plant ID

    Have this plant growing in one of the paddocks and cows haven't eaten it, even though the dry spell, what is it?
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    Overseeding drills

    Have a option to overseed a couple of paddocks which were poor before it turned dry and would like to give them a kick start, looking at cockfoot and plantain which have put in with a Opico airseeder in previous years, have got option of a Moore drill or a Wox, would these be better or just...
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    Red tractor

    Got our rt this week and does anyone know if mobility score and body condition is a must or recommend now as book don't make it clear enough.
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    How have your breeding season gone this year.

    How have the spring calvers breeding season gone? Speaking to a couple of people it seems to be very variable this year. We are at the end of week 7 and the bulls seem to be very quite, submitted 98.6% within first 3 weeks and seem to have a incalf rate of 87% which seems very high as the best...
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    Too soon to AI.

    Have got a couple of cows cycling to night which have calfed 10 and 14 days , would anyone else serve them? I know the chance will be low but am I just wasting straws?
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    I have used ruby red Devon bulls on our dairy heifers for donkeys year's and used to breed our own as had a few pedigree cows, last of the bull was lost to tb in the autumn and a couple of the beef guy's who purchase our Devonx heifers for suck cow replacements have asked I'd we would change to...
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    Zero grazing

    I have all of a sudden 40acres of grass three miles away from the milking cows and no in calf heifers any more to eat it , thinking about getting it cutting and balin up 5 bales a day to feed cows as looking likely that I will run out of grass before it gets wet. How many days of grass should I...
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    straw blower

    Had a day off on Saturday :nailbiting: and dad has killed our lucas +60 Rub only 2 years old and probably one for the unreliable machines we have every had, so looking for a new machine now, use it nearly every day for straw bedding and feeding, couple hundred round bale hay and a couple...
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    only tb again!

    For the first since 2002 we have had a clear test over the whole of our holding number!(y) Still got another test to go, but cows will be out with the wildlife and will be back to square one again, not sure if I know what to do if I do go clear:whistle:
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    doda 27

    Can't get my pump to pump, it's priming fine but soon as pto goes on lose slurry, which is very thin stuff pumped lots thicker. What am I doing wrong???
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    NZ to limit PKE

    Have spoken to a couple of mates about this and with lots of mud and not that much grass are Fonterra think about the cows or the greenies.........