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  1. Juggler

    Best Classic for around 10 to 15k

    Currently have a MF 3080 and fancy another similar tractor, to add to it, I was thinking 3085 or 3095 in reasonable condition. Possibly a 2wd 3060 or 3070 would do. What sort of money are they making at the moment and what else would you suggest as an alternative for similar money? Won't be...
  2. Juggler

    AMC recommendations?

    I currently have no borrowing but could do with raising some money to carry out improvements to the land/buildings and house, good salary coming in from full time employment and decent income from the diversified farm business. The last bank I had a mortgage with need a business plan before...
  3. Juggler

    Car leasing companies

    Thinking of going down the leasing route for the next car, what companies can people recommend? Any pitfalls to watch out for?
  4. Juggler

    Truck running costs

    Currently running a 7.5T horsebox, which is cheaper to run than the Disco & trailer it replaced, however we're looking at moving to a larger lorry as it's become apparent the 7.5 isn't big enough going forward, a 12T would probably do but 18T would be future proof and I'm only really planning on...
  5. Juggler

    Shepherd huts & alternatives

    Looking at the potential for buying a Shepherds hut or similar, what are the alternatives? Can't really get my head around pods, they look small, not keen on the Geo-domes, what else is there out there? Tried bell tents and don't want to go back there...:oops: How many nights do people want to...
  6. Juggler

    Highlands & other breeds...

    Up to a few years ago I bred pedigree AA, prior to that, ped Lims & Blues also, never in my life did I envisage asking about keeping highlands but times change, and so have I. Anyway, small farm, there will come a point in the not too distant future where no-one will be home during the day...
  7. Juggler

    Solar powered security gates - Anyone got one?

    Anyone set up a security gate with key-fob or code entry at a site with no close by 240v? I've seen these solar / battery gates and they look perfect, does anyone have any experience with them? We keep getting people coming down our (long..) farm lane to have a nosy/ turn round/ have a pee...
  8. Juggler

    MF 3080 - Restore or change?

    My 1989 3080 is starting to look a bit tired, I'm only the third owner from new, it's original owner had it for 3 years, its been with me for last 6 years, and everything in between with someone who really looked after it, it was a credit to them when it came here, all still in good original...
  9. Juggler

    Mechanic needed to inspect 7.5 tonne lorry - Bolton area

    Can anyone recommend a good mechanic that would be willing to inspect and report back on a 7.5 ton horsebox in Bolton BL3 area for us as obviously, being in Wales we can't travel that far right now. PM if you prefer, it would need to be someone from the local area and observing social distancing...
  10. Juggler

    In's and out's of running a truck

    As a bit of a hobby, myself and my father buy and sell various bits & bobs, old tractors, machinery, anything really. I've been thinking about buying a 12 or 18t 4x2 beavertail truck to move stuff round, give myself the option of looking further afield, going to the odd sale etc. I've got a...
  11. Juggler

    Iveco Eurocargo - Any tips what to look out for?

    Got an opportunity to buy an Iveco Eurocargo 7.5 tonne wagon 2004, anyone have any knowledge on these? What are the weak points / things to look out for on them? Cheers.
  12. Juggler

    Disco 3 - What's the alternative

    Had my Discovery 3 for 6 years now and it's fair racked up some spending on it in that time, with a few more costs already 'in the post' that I know of (Torque converter and potentially g/box) Trouble is, it's sooo bloody good when it works... I'd love a D4 but don't really want to go through...
  13. Juggler

    MF 3080 value for Insurance

    Just thinking of reviewing the insurance value of my MF 3080 4wd, autotronic 32 speed, 1989. It's in very good original condition with a Quicke Q950 loader. Currently valued at £10,500. Think I'd struggle to replace it for that.
  14. Juggler

    Garage holding vehicle for 18 months

    A friend of mine who'se getting on in years has left a vehicle with a body repair garage after paying the quoted amount for repair in full (several thousand) 🙈 I did some homework and found reports of them being of the very dubious kind. They have had the vehicle for 18 months and have recently...
  15. Juggler

    Trail cam recommendations

    Looking for a decent trail camera, I think I have nocturnal visitors on a part of the farm away from the house and buildings, I think I know what's going on but need proof before I confront them, any recommendations? Could do with one without any tell tale visible lights etc, do they send...
  16. Juggler

    MF 3080 PTO

    Afternoon, my 1989 4wd 3080 has just started to display a couple of issues that might be related to the autotronic box under the cab, thought it worth asking on here before taking the plunge... The PTO comes on too fast, it breaks shear bolts on the topper for example most of the time now on...
  17. Juggler

    Dog kennel and run designs

    Looking for ideas for dog kennels and runs, thinking of a block built building to house the dogs with an attached concrete floored mesh run built on, 4 'outside dogs' to house, 3 Labs & a Collie (all bitches), all currently live together and sleep in a shed but I've no run for them, they are...
  18. Juggler

    Hedge Cutters: Orsi - Orsi Acrobat 5.5

    Hedge Cutters: Orsi - Orsi Acrobat 5.5 Category: Hedge Cutters Manufacturer: Orsi Price: £2750 Condition: Used Description: Orsi Acrobat 5.5m hesdecutter. 2003. Good working order, new gearbox. Can be seen working. £2750 + VAT. Llanerchymedd Anglesey. 07799065081. Images: See the full...
  19. Juggler

    Replace my Disco 3 with what?

    Had my Disco 3 for four years and spent quite a bit on it so far this year, with the promise of more spending to come by the sound of it so looking to change, I originally thought Disco 4 but hear a lot of people are having problems with engines on these so I'm wary to say the least... So...
  20. Juggler

    Farm Tractors: John Deere - 2650

    Farm Tractors: John Deere - 2650 Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: John Deere Price: £6250 Condition: Used Description: John Deere 2650 2wd tractor. 1990, with V5. Lo profile SG2 cab. In tidy condition. Good tyres, mechanically sound, all works as it should. 2 new batteries, re-con...