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  1. marcot

    Used Telehandler Tyres

    A set of 4 Michelin XMCL Tyres. 460/70 R24 Radials. Just taken off my loadall. 3 are sound 1 has a very slow puncture. I would guess 10- 15% tread left. £100 for the 4 Collection from Suffolk
  2. marcot

    Telehandler Tyre Replacement?

    Its time to treat my old telehandler to some new tyres. Does anyone have any experience good or bad with industrial type block tread tyres rather than traditional tractor type cleats? My machine spends 90% + of its time on concrete or hard-core so wondering if block tread would be a better...
  3. marcot

    Perspex Grain trailer windows?

    What cleaning products/techniques do people use to keep gain trailer perspex clean without charging the stuff up with enough static electricity to power a small city and attract every dust particle within 20 miles to adhere to it?
  4. marcot

    Insurance Valuations ?

    It will soon be time for my annual insurance renewal. Every year my insurance agent will review my various old tractors and ask me for a value to insure it for. How on earth am I supposed to know? How are you supposed to come up with an accurate figure? What do you do? It would be very easy to...
  5. marcot

    LED Beacon?

    Can anyone recommend a good quality LED Amber magnetic mount beacon to go on the back of my sprayer? Not worried about having a trillion different flashing sequences but it does need to be comparable in brightness to a halogen rotary beacon. I've seen some really hopeless LED ones in the past...
  6. marcot

    Grease Nipples?

    Does anyone know where I can source some M6 straight thread grease nipples from ...the catch is I need a very short thread length approx 3mm. They are for threaded turnbuckles so any longer and they will catch on the threads
  7. marcot

    John Deere roof hatch?

    Does anyone know how to remove the roof hatch on a 6r in order to clean the glass?
  8. marcot

    Hardi main on/off control valve?

    So my trusty old Hardi sprayer is playing up today. It occasionally refuses to turn off and sometimes on. Enquired about a new valve but Neil @SimpersTradeCounter has scared me about the price so I've bravely ripped it apart!! Can someone more technical than me advise me on how to diagnose...
  9. marcot

    Lemkin Furrow Press Ribs ?

    I need an additional 4 ribs for a front press project or if necessary a scrap complete press ....
  10. marcot

    Starfire GPS Protection?

    John Deere are heavily promoting the fact that their new software update includes PIN protection for their GPS equipment to help prevent thefts. Great idea ! Has anyone actually discovered how to enable this feature after the update because I can't see where it's hidden?
  11. marcot

    Extra front weight?

    Just bought a new to me drill to piggyback onto my kuhn power harrow. Coupled them together and Jesus it's heavy ! Only just got the front on the ground with an empty drill. Tractor is a JD with no front linkage and a 900kg big pack weight. I do have another 900kg big pack weight so my thinking...
  12. marcot

    Uncollected grain?

    What's the general consensus on uncollected/cancelled grain contracts? I sold a load of soft wheat to a Merchant at the beginning of December, specifically for collection at the end of the month ...they asked me to load it on New Years Eve which I was happy to do. On the 29th they rang to say...
  13. marcot

    What's this?

    I need to replace this plastic knob thingy (its cracked)which fits over an M6 bolt so you can hand tighten a cab control box. Any ideas what you would call it and where I might get one ?
  14. marcot

    Proforge Tillage Machinery?

    What are people's opinions on Proforge as a brand? Anyone running any of their kit? Opinions good or bad?
  15. marcot

    John Deere GPS receivers?

    Has anyone upgraded from the sf 3000 receiver to the latest sf 6000 one? If so what is the verdict? How much better/worse is it on sf1 activation?
  16. marcot

    J.D. 6155R Coolant Working Temperature?

    What sort of coolant temperatures are people getting with the ad blue engined Deeres? Just picked up my new one and it got up to 100 .C on the 15 min drive home .....never had one run that hot ...normal or faulty?
  17. marcot

    If the cap fits.....

    Is it me or is this one of Tescos better marketing slogans?
  18. marcot

    Bomford Superflow legs..

    Does anyone have any of the above kicking around that they would like to sell? Looking for 2 or 3 for spares preferably in East Anglia.
  19. marcot

    Anyone know?

    Does anyone know what these little green beetles are? We have a plague of them at the moment. ...don't remember seeing them before. Apologies for the picture quality but they are fast!!!!
  20. marcot

    Grippy washer thingy?

    Does anyone know what these are called? I'm guessing not what I've called them ...