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  1. Richard III

    BASF Selontra rat bait. Anyone tried it, or have a view on it? I don't think there are resistance issues to the usual anticoagulant baits on our farm yet, I'm more interested in if it is safer to raptors or not? TIA
  2. Richard III

    Species rich grazing?

    Interesting video on species rich grassland here :- Website :-
  3. Richard III

    Aphids on late sown spring oats?

    This doesn't look good to me. :(
  4. Richard III

    Assynt wild fire.

    Anyone know anything about the wild fire at Lochinver tonight? That is the base of Suilven on fire.
  5. Richard III

    Slugs (again)

    Looks like I am going to have to put a little slug food out on a patch of wheat. I thought the dry weather would stop the activity, but it seems to be getting worse! This picture was taken at 10am this morning, he was obviously late to bed. I've never seen damage quite like it, it is in small...
  6. Richard III

    Silica, BYDV & Slugs

    It seems that applying silica to crops can reduce aphid attacks and reduce slug grazing. So why not use a silica dressing on wheat seed to reduce BYDV and slugs...
  7. Richard III

    Seed dressings & No Till

    No Till must be getting popular, it seems Syngenta marketing machine is trying to convince us that we need their latest seed dressings due to higher pathogen levels in No Till. So it seems strange that No Tiller's often...
  8. Richard III

    Some lumbricus channels.

    There was a bit of emergency drainage work required today, this is what the digger found. The hole is just about 5 foot deep and the worm channels seemed to go to about that depth. There is a very average cover crop on the field at the moment, only really wheat volunteers and a bit of vetch...
  9. Richard III

    The Hidden Half of Nature by David Montgomery & Anne Bilke

    Anyone read this book? I thought the farming bit in it was good and thought provoking, but the information on the biology in our gut has opened up a whole new world of thinking for me. I found it a little slow to get going, but the further you get into it, the more you understand why they...
  10. Richard III

    Soil sterilant could help control blackgrass Surely not, it felt like I was reading an April 1st article. :(
  11. Richard III

    What crop is this?

    As per the title, what crop is this, can any one help? I'm only being nosy, I've never seen anything like it before. There are a few fields of it just north of Whitby, along the coast.
  12. Richard III

    Moving the combine.

    Every year there seems to be an issue when moving the combine down the road, at least this year I couldn't help but laugh at one of the issues. My road escort had to go into a church, stop the service, and get this chap to come out to move his car. :whistle::facepalm:
  13. Richard III

    Autocast, Wanted.

    As above, to fit a 24ft header, anyone got an old one lying around?
  14. Richard III

    Thoughtless sprayer driver.

    We were enjoying the sunshine this afternoon with friends, sat out in their garden. After a while I spotted a sprayer roll up into the maize field across the road, there was a decent breeze blowing straight at us and I knew there was a good chance of there being PDM in the tank, so I suggested...
  15. Richard III

    What would you do with this rape crop?

    Got myself in a bit of a mess with the fert on this rape crop. :( I kept the early fertilizer off because the crop was looking well and then applied got 47Kg/Ha on the first of april. No real rain since then, and I use liquid fert so haven't put any more on yet. Not sure how much more to give...
  16. Richard III

    Hedgecutter problem.

    Unfortunately my Bomford hedgecutter seems to have blown the seal out on the front of the main hydraulic pump. It doesn't seem to have either an internal or external retaining lip for the seal, which seems strange. :scratchhead: I'm not sure if the pump has got a problem to blow the seal...
  17. Richard III

    Why are you a No Tiller?

    A friend said to me today, "is there any truth in the rumour going round, your only a No Tiller because your [email protected] at ploughing?" :D
  18. Richard III

    Glyphosate and hard water. I found the above was worth a read, I particularly liked the advice on page 5 to treat the water in storage tank 1 hour before loading the sprayer. @drummer_bruhaha
  19. Richard III

    Spring beans after a cover crop.

    A couple of people asked to be kept updated from this picture posted in the 'Cleavers in spring beans', so I thought I would stick the pictures into a new thread. They were drilled on the 19th of March and then sprayed with Nirvana and 1.8l of glyphosate on the 29th of March. The crop today...