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  1. crofter 65

    Bout marker for weed wiper

    Hi, I am looking for ideas on how to make a bout marker for my weed wipe, the manufacturer ones are very expensive. My own thoughts were a container carrying marker and some how letting it drip out in a slow fashion.
  2. crofter 65

    Quad tyre availability.

    I am looking for tyres for our quad and the better known makes seem to be in short supply. I tried to order 4 BKT wing's online and got an e mail to say they weren't available, and I find the same on other sites and other makes, I wonder if this is because of Covid or Brexit?
  3. crofter 65

    Ford Digger export

    Hi, I have a Ford 550 digger, is there any demand for them to export? the digger works ok but the cab is very rusty.
  4. crofter 65

    Ford 550 hose leak.

    Hi I have a hydraulic hose connection leaking on my Ford 550 digger This is at the valve block, and I was wondering if anyone knew what Seals this, is it an o ring or a dowty type washer? Thanks, Ronnie.
  5. crofter 65

    Ifor Williams Sump Tank Cap

    As the title, are all the Sump tank caps the same size? Looking through the internet and surprisingly little information on different types and I am looking for a new one for a TA model.
  6. crofter 65

    Enamel paint

    I was wondering what enamel paint people found best for spraying their classic tractors, I have used 2 pack before and I don't really have the compressor to work the mask and gun together.
  7. crofter 65

    DFT Van survey

    My wife has just received a reminder for a van survey from the Department for transport, does anyone know if this is compulsory? my thoughts are that it's nobody's business what we do with our van
  8. crofter 65

    Can Am Starter

    Hi, the starter on my Can Am 450 Outlander has been playing up and sounds like the starter clutch is slipping, you can go to it and sometimes it takes a dozen or more goes to get it to engage other times it works straight off. Can anything be done to the starter or is a new one the answer...
  9. crofter 65

    Broken Allen bit

    Here’s my problem I’ve broken a Allen bit and the broken part is stuck in the grub screw, any ideas how to get it out as it is a snug fit, it’s as hard as glass so won’t drill. Thanks Ronnie
  10. crofter 65

    Steering wheel paint

    Hi all, what do people use to paint steering wheels? I have an original Massey 135 steering wheel I would like to use because the replacement ones don't look right but it would benefit from a coat of paint. Thanks.
  11. crofter 65

    Laptop hard drive replacement.

    Hi, how difficult is it to replace the hard drive on a lap top, I have looked on You Tube and it looks not to bad to do but how easy is it to load the put the working program on with a disk I.e. Windows 8 or 10? Is it just a mater of running the disk and following the directions. Thanks.
  12. crofter 65

    Replacement tags in Ewes

    Hi,I am wondering what ear tags to put in ewes that have lost both ear tags as I don't know the numbers, a internet search doesn't really help as it's a bit vague.
  13. crofter 65

    Death of LED Floodlights

    Hi, I have a couple of LED flood lights on the outside of one of my sheds and they have died, the lights just glow faintly like thier not getting power although I doubt this as everything else on the circuit works, my question is is this the way LEDs go when knackered. TIA.
  14. crofter 65

    FORD 550 oil cooler pipe

    Hi, my Ford 550 digger transmission oil cooler pipe has spring a leak, it's the rubber part probably due to chafing. I wonder if this pipe is under a lot of pressure or would I get away with replacing the hose and using jubile type clips rather that crimped hydraulic hose. TIA
  15. crofter 65

    Concrete Fence strainers

    Hi, when I was on holiday recently on Orkney I saw a lot of people used concrete fence strainers and was wondering about the pros and cons of these as the timber ones don't seem to last very long, I have a few very rotten ones that are not that old. I was pondering making a shutter and making my...
  16. crofter 65

    CanAm 450

    Hi, is anyone running a CanAm 450 and finding it runs hot, does the fan cut in regularly? My 450 seems to run hot when pulling the Logic flail mower but the fan doesn't cut in and it sometimes puts a little coolant out the overflow, the bike has done under 100 hours.
  17. crofter 65

    Removing fence Strainer

    Hi, I am needing to replace some rotten fence strainers, but first I need to remove the old ones and there to rotten to try and pull out with the tractor or digger, I was planning to try and dig out on the side of the strainer that there is no tension on but don't want to make the hole to big...
  18. crofter 65

    Crop spraying

    I was wondering what the best additive to add to glyphosate for it to adhere to the plant I want to spray. I am going to spray some gorse and rhododendrons with my knapsack sprayer, but in past experience although it works I have thought the chemical could have worked better i.e. bits still...
  19. crofter 65

    Massey Ferguson 135 crank end float

    Hi, I have a MF135 with a bad leak from the clutch housing I have split the tractor and there seems a bit of end play in the crankshaft (1-2mm approx) is this to much, I don't want to fit a new rope seal just for it to leak again.
  20. crofter 65

    Can Am service light

    Hi my Can Am 450 service message has come on, I have done the service and I am wondering how to reset the message on the screen, its a 2017 bike. TIA Ronnie,