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  1. robbie

    John Deere 10/11 series combine rasp bars

    Set of 6 second hand John Deere 6 walker rasp bars removed from a 1188 but will fit others. We removed them as we're fitting a Nicholson's concave and are changing the rasp bars aswell, they have less than 2mm worn off them and are straight and good. We probably wouldn't have changed them if...
  2. robbie

    Basis soil and water

    I provisionally booked to do this course two years ago but COVID put pay to it. I now have the chance to do it this winter and would like to know is it worth the cost and effort and what's it like to do. Is Is it similar basis and facts???? The course will be run by Dr Jim.
  3. robbie

    Ez guide 500 coverage switch.

    I've recently bought a ez guide 500 and want to wire it in to the sprayer and another tractor for area coverage, I've found the signal outputs I need for both the tractor and the sprayer and I have spoke to as Comms and double checked which pins I need to use on the back of the GPS. I just need...
  4. robbie

    4 meter combi drill from Thirsk to NR17 norfolk

    Anyone looking for a load.
  5. robbie

    6m tine bar for drill.

    Looking for a tine bar to fit in front of our 6m krm suffolk coulter drill to move the ground ahead of the coulter. Something similar to what's fitted to krm sola drills. Needs to fit 3 point linkage on drill to sandwich between drill and tractor. Would consider 4m and then make wider, ideally...
  6. robbie

    Winter barley varieties for 2021

    With the winter barley harvest under way has anyone given any thoughts as to which varieties to grow next year. Around here they all seem to be equally as disappointing whether its hybrid, convention two or 6 row. I'd also be intersted in which varieties have the best straw yield. I think...
  7. robbie

    Horstine granular applicator for small seeds.

    I've got an old horstine applicator in the shed which came off an old beet drill, would it be possible to use it for distributing small seeds? I'm thinking I could mount the three hoppers,which have 6 outlets in total onto the back of a 3.8m terradisc so the seed is dropped behind the crumbler...
  8. robbie

    Rabe raven 2300

    I'm thinking of buying one, have anyone got any experience of them good or bad. It's on slatted bodies and will be replacing a lemken on slats.
  9. robbie

    Winter barley 2020

    With reports of barley coming into ear early, no rain on the forecast and hot sun and a drying easterly pulling any remaining moisture out of the ground. I was wondering what everyone's doing about inputs. My barley has looked well all year so far. It went in well by mid october and got off to...
  10. robbie

    Foxtrot/Oskar or axial

    I'm going to need to treat my spring barley for wild oats and I was wondering if theres much of a saving by using foxtrot instead of axial. I've never used foxtrot before is it as safe and kind to the crop as axial?
  11. robbie

    Starter fert for sugar beet.

    I've just about done a deal on a (new to us) beet drill. As expected it comes complete with granular applicator and the previous owner set it up to try placed starter fert at drilling. Now I'll have a good chat with him and find out as much as I can. He has said that he done 6 of the 12 rows...
  12. robbie

    Amazon sprayer

    Does anyone know of a company where I can get a new section control valve solenoid from for a amazone ug2200 sprayer??? It's been getting sluggish to switch on and off for a while but today it gave up completely. I know I can get one from a main stealer but they will charge mega money. I just...
  13. robbie

    McHale v660

    Some of you may have seen in the TAW thread my beloved case rbx went up in smoke yesterday. I need another baler and don't want to buy/can't justify a new one so I've been offered what sounds like a good good second hand one. It's a McHale v660 it's been gone through by the main dealer and has...
  14. robbie

    Bomford b577 hedge trimmer

    Whats it worth???? We're thinking of changing the above trimmer. Dad uses it but he has tendon trouble in his hands and thinks the cable controls are making it worse. It's in good condition. The hydralics are very good and it had a brand new motor fitted when we bought it, it'll pull the...
  15. robbie

    Class targo joystick buttons

    I'm asking this in behalf of my cousin. The rubber covers over the buttons on the joystick have worn through or started to split, he'd like to change the rubbers so stop dust getting in and buggering up the switches. A new joystick is over £2000. He asked his class dealer but the ones they...
  16. robbie

    Winter barley T1

    What are People using this year. I begrudge using siltra because it's so over priced compared to aviator which is basicaly the same. Last couple of years I've gone with bontima/Cabara and proline which does a good job and isn't much dearer than siltra but gives you more bang for your buck...
  17. robbie

    Case maxxum 130 mc

    The other night while ploughing in the dark with all the lights in. I went to change from gear 12-13 and the tractor just dumped into neutral. I engaged forward and went from 9 up to 12 and then when I went to 13 despite the dash saying I was in 13th I was actually back in 9th. I also tried In...
  18. robbie


    Dark green Air con Cruise control Bluetooth CD player Full black leather which is in excellent condition for age and millage- no rips or tears. Parking sensors Hill start assist ALL terrain system Avg mpg 30-31 Mot March 2019 143k miles Fantastic car to drive on and off road, we are the 3rd...
  19. robbie

    Richard western Delilah floor chains

    I need to replace the floor chains on my spreader. Western have quoted silly money, and worse a good fortnight wait. I'm getting a quote from kramp. I've also been trawling through the internet and ringing marine supply companies, several of which would gladly supply me with chain at a pittance...
  20. robbie

    Trelleborg tm700

    Pair of 480/70/30 tyres of our jcb 2140 very good cases with 20% tread. No cuts or bulges only removed because we needed more traction on the beet harvester. £180 the pair. NR17 1DR