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  1. Forever Fendt

    And Again

    After a bit of false security another £80/100 per ton going on
  2. Forever Fendt

    New Trailer

    Thinking of getting a new trailer 16 ton ,What are the pros and cons of single ram against twin tipping rams
  3. Forever Fendt

    Jourdain livestock equipment

    Only a couple of day to place any orders before a price rise in line with recent steel price rises up to 20 percent on some items
  4. Forever Fendt

    Cull cow

    I have blue cross dairy suckler vow to send away she weighs 857 kg reasonably well neared what weight would I expect it to kill out at , just thinking send it dw or to market nonFA by the way
  5. Forever Fendt

    Grading beam

    Anyone have a grading beam on a 360 digger was thinking 7 ft wide on our 8.5 ton just wondered if there any good
  6. Forever Fendt

    Inspection pit refurb

    Just give this a bit of a refurb , fitted 13 years ago so had a repaint and new led lights fitted
  7. Forever Fendt

    Trailer tyres

    Any thoughts on 560/60/22.5 tyres on a trailer the choices are CEAT, BKT ride max , or equivalent Alliance a mixture of road and field work any thoughts greatly appreciated
  8. Forever Fendt

    100 ft span

  9. Forever Fendt

    Dirty stores

    I have a few stores that insist on lying behind the feed barriers will this be a huge problem and Is it likely to discount them can be split and moved into a pen on there own but will cause a lot more work
  10. Forever Fendt

    Jourdain yokes and gates

    Jourdain self locking yokes ,gates and livestock housing and feeding equipment available to order delivered direct to farm pm for prices
  11. Forever Fendt

    Bateman cattle Hurdles

    Has anyone recently had any new cattle hurdles I would be interested to see how the infilled are welded 2 examples on the pictures attached
  12. Forever Fendt

    Stolen telehandler (again)

    JCB535/125 stolen from Ripley in Derbyshire on Tuesday the seventh at approximately 4 pm and was loaded onto a white Renault four-wheel Beavertail Wagon with a full height headboard
  13. Forever Fendt

    Oh dear

    Thankfully supplied materials only for this job
  14. Forever Fendt

    Part worn 15.5/80/24 tyres

    Selection of part worn loadall tyres £20and £25 each
  15. Forever Fendt

    Joint I’ll

    Best treatment for a calf who has what looks like joint I’ll in one of his knees ( back leg) tia
  16. Forever Fendt

    A few random jobs

  17. Forever Fendt

    Barn conversion

    A few pictures of a barn conversion I have done at home although nothing done in the last month due to shortage of materials and plumber held up in America
  18. Forever Fendt

    AHA rent

    Is there any way I can withhold my AHA rent it was due on the 25th but in light of current situation I thought I could perhaps pay later as nothing coming in from my regular job TIA
  19. Forever Fendt

    Stores for sale

    10/11 month old stores for sale steers and heifers all sired by Limousin bull out of Hereford, Angus. Limousin and Blue Cross cows. Will be tested soon and we have always been TB clear. I have short video of them I can send via WhatsApp. Enquiries Tel 07723 063496.
  20. Forever Fendt

    ABS Brakes

    I am slowly getting components together for a trailer build it will be carrying about 15 tons we will be fitting air brakes This will be a huge step forward as we have only had hydraulic before I was wondering is it worth going to the expense of adding ABS This will add about £500 to the build...