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  1. Qman

    Beltie question.

    I've just had a heifer bulled to a Belted Galloway with the name of BO. I can't find any details or parentage of this bull, does anyone know this bull?
  2. Qman

    Made in China!!!

    I read that the new Valtra G-series Agco engine is made in China. Are other Agco engines also made in China? After what China has done to us and the rest of the world I wouldn't want to buy anything off them and it has put me off Valtras.
  3. Qman

    Too many lambs.

    My first 14 sheep to lamb has been:- 3 quads. 7 triplets. 4 twins and 0 singles. I'm going to get some milk powder tomorrow, looks like I will need it. I hate turning sheep out with 3 lambs, they often get a bad bag, but it looks like I will have to. Anyone want any spare lambs which have had...
  4. Qman

    Perkins 4-236 or 4-248

    Has anyone got a Perkins engine for sale please? I need it for my IH 475 tractor, so a used Massey 4 cylinder one would be OK.
  5. Qman

    Paypal scam

    I had a supposed email saying it was from Paypal and wanted me to update my details or my account would close. I was suspicious and rang Paypal who told me not to open the email as it was a scam. Beware, because it did look fairly genuine. I hope these people get what they deserve and it is...
  6. Qman

    JD Aerial Fitting?

    I want to fit a new aerial to my JD 6420 as the old one will not get AM, so I can't listen to 5live or Gold. I have bought a DAB roof aerial, as I've fitted a DAB radio and wonder how to get behind the present aerial to take it off and fit the new one in the same hole.
  7. Qman

    Alternator woes!!!

    On my way to do 46 acres of wheat for a chap 10 miles away on my Claas Mega 350 the radio kept switching off and then refused to come back on after 3 times. Then one or two warning lights glowed very dimly and a few bleeps kept coming. I combined a 12 acre field and took the header off when the...
  8. Qman

    Have we had our chips?

    On the Jeremy Vine show today he was talking to lorry drivers about the delays in Kent and France. There were some dreadful stories of waiting for days in this heat, but one driver told that he had taken a load of fish to Belgium and on his return trip he was stuck outside Dunkirk with a load or...
  9. Qman

    Last Milk

    I've just read this: He thinks First Milk needs "someone with real commercial and business skills" Well fancy employing a man who knows nothing about business on £90K for 50 days work a year. No wonder thing...
  10. Qman

    New Plough

    I'm planning to buy a new 4 furrow reversible plough, to be pulled with a JD 6430 and have narrowed it down to a Pottinger Servo 35. I have planned to get the Servo 35 with hydraulic front furrow width, Maize skims, pendular damped rubber wheel, scalloped rear discs and 46W bodies. Have I...
  11. Qman

    Virgin Beef

    Sir Beardie Branson has given up eating beef to help reduce global warming and environment degradation. I always thought Beardie was a big time hypocrite and this confirms it. He has a fleet of 38 aircraft, which pump out 5.9 million tonnes of CO2 each year! He also is planning to launch a...
  12. Qman

    Tractor Tyres

    Firestone Radial 55% good in very good condition with no cuts off a 12 reg tractor 850 hours. 420/85/24 (16.9X24) £175 each + VAT 460/85/38 (18.4X38) £325 each + VAT 07836 666046
  13. Qman

    Badger madness

    Can you believe this? Or for living feed for Brock fatten up your hedgehogs with this
  14. Qman

    Apologies to Agrii

    About a week ago a parcel from Agrii arrived in the post containing a fleece hat. I thought what a bunch of idiots to send me a hat which you would only wear in winter. I now realize that Agrii knew that the weather was turning Arctic and thought about me outside looking after my lambing sheep...