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  1. William Mellor


    100+ 4ft rounds from Northhampton to North Derbyshire
  2. William Mellor

    How poor can my cows milk

    My cows, like a lot of others, aren’t milking well, calve all year round, last week they were averaging 14 litres which is a big drop from 26 litres in May and normally at this time of the year are around 19-20 litres, as off last milk pick up they are now down to 8 litres. They are very short...
  3. William Mellor

    Going without Red tractor Farm Assurance

    Got my Farm assurance inspection coming up soon, looking thro all the rules and recommendations and has got me seriously thinking is there any milk buyer out their that will take my milk without being farm assured? Would seriously consider doing it and surely there’s some dairy farmers already...
  4. William Mellor

    Running Bulling Heifers with Milk cows

    Could do with bringing a group of around 10-15 bulling heifers back to ai soon but I am (like everyone else) very short of grass round the farm as the milk cows are eating everything. Currently thinking of running them with the milk cows, never do it before but doubt they’d come in the parlour...
  5. William Mellor

    Antibiotic failure

    Just had the call from meadow foods to say I’ve had an antibotic failure... yet I’ve not used any antibiotics for a long while. I’ve had no cases of mastitis for a month or so so not treated any milk cows. Currently their are 12 dry cows which run with the milk cows and none of them have had dry...
  6. William Mellor

    Massey Ferguson 390 door pins

    Hi I’m not entirely sure this is the best place to ask but was wondering if anyone knows where I can get some more of these pins, they hold the door open to add ventilation in hot weather. asked local MF dealer and wasn’t really sure if they were still available. Any help is appreciated, Thanks...
  7. William Mellor

    Getting problem cows in calf

    ive got around 3 or 4 cows that are causing issues getting back in calf, vary from 3-6 months since they last calved one is a 1st calf heifer that had a caesarean. I ai everything and aren’t particularly difficult to serve, I’ve got no intentions of trying to breed replacements off these cows...
  8. William Mellor

    Calf pneumonia

    Currently having serious issues with calves getting pneumonia, to the extent that it’s keeping me wake at night and stressed all the time about it and should of asked for help earlier I’ll be straight with you, calf sheds/housing is poor, old buildings with tin roofs and not all good...
  9. William Mellor

    Palour feeders and troughs

    Does anyone know where I can get some new or good second hand parlour feeders and troughs? I've attach photos of what both look like and would like some that are near as possible the same and to replace them preferably before winter comes. The parlour is an 8/16 herringbone so could do with 16...
  10. William Mellor

    Massey Ferguson 300 series tractor radio

    Hi does any one know where I can get a new radio for my MF 390, I have attacted photos of the radio I've removed along with the connections. I've tried my local MF dealer and they seem a bit hopeless, sent me one that they'd got in stock but had totally different connections so went back to them...
  11. William Mellor

    Best time to sell stores

    I know that this is a generally dairy section but these are off dairy cows. I have been rearing all my calves for the last 12-15 months and My question is simple when is the best time of the year to sell stores? Never had tb before so shouldn't be a problem but thinking of saving time and money...
  12. William Mellor

    Grass nuts

    can you still get them to feed to cattle? Heard a few talk about how well calves did if you fed them grass nuts before they were turned out as you were getting them use to grass before they were grazing
  13. William Mellor

    How far can a cow go past her due date?

    This cow was due 15/02 and is still not showing any sign of calving. Should I take action e.g rectal examination or wait til my vet is next here and let him check her over. I am quite concerned as she is a first calve heifer incalf for her second, although she has shown no signs of coming in...
  14. William Mellor

    Foot trimming crush

    Looking for a foot trimming crush, can any one recommend one? Looking for a simple type, no frills, preferably second hand, just something to lift a cows foot and trim it and/or treat it. See wopa's before and quite like the look of them but can't seem to find one for sale anywhere
  15. William Mellor

    Mineral supplements

    What is the best way of supplementing dairy cattle with minerals? I have a simple low input of silage fed in feed rings and concentrates fed in the palour. Silage they are on at the moment is first cut that was made in June and concentrates are fed to yeild in the palour at 20% protein. Have...
  16. William Mellor

    Scouring calves

    Had 3 calves that are scouring just as they have been weaned and in one case one has died, but one has cured up completely, now another has started scouring. Main symptoms seem to be loose yellow diarrhoea and very unsteady on their feet and after getting up they seem to just fall/wobble over...
  17. William Mellor

    Bactoscan tips

    Mine are always round to 30-60 mark, but has been rising since I house the milkers at night. Cows are wiped with a clean paper towel before milking, would pre dipping help? Line is washed out with peracitic acid at night with cold water and hot water and hypochloride in a morning. Is there...
  18. William Mellor

    Hard slow quarters

    Does anyone have any problems with cows that suddenly develop hard slow milking quarters? I have currently 4 cows milking of which 2 have suddenly developed a hard slow milking quarter. The 2 others have had a hard slow milking quarter for the last 12 months and both those 2 have had a calf...
  19. William Mellor

    Calf pneumonia

    Had a 6 month old calf die in the night that had been coughing a for while. Treated over a fortnight ago with draxin and treated again 3 days ago. Got slightly better after first jab but health declined and was jabbed again at 10 days after the first after recommendation from my vet. Same...
  20. William Mellor

    Cepravine dry cow

    Does anyone else use them? They have a 56 day dry period and 4 days after calving milk withdrawal and I am finding that if I test the milk after 4 days for antibiotics it still fails but spoken to vet about it and he's spoken to manufactures and they are telling me that my antibiotics tester is...